Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers Show True Colors

Forget the two wins the Sixers managed in this first round series against the Orlando magic.  They stole one while the Magic were napping.  Then they held serve in their first home game for the second win.  But when it came down to gut check time, this Sixers team showed exactly why they dropped six out of seven heading into the playoffs, with the sole win coming against a Cleveland team resting their starters.   No direction.  No leadership.  No defensive clue.

The good news Sixers fans is that there’s some silver lining to this embarrassing 25 point loss at home to the Magic without two of their starters.  (By the way, this was the easiest game to call, you only had to look back at what the Sixers did against OKC without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green for the blueprint of what this team was all about.)  The silver lining is that Ed Stefanski will have to shake up this roster in the offseason if he expects to make any gains into ticket sales for a team that ranks 23rd in the league, sharing the bottom third in attendance with moribund franchises like the LA Clippers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Win Miracle Pick: With Strings Attached

By David J. Cohen

The Bulls lucked into another great draft spot. They’ve made a habit of this since MJ left the building. History shows that the Bulls have the luckiest ping pong ball in the draft lottery of late when it comes to getting high draft picks: