Denver Broncos

Who Does Ashley Lelie Think He Is

By David J. Cohen

NFL mandatory mini-camps have started and in Denver there is a bewildering absentee: Ashley Lelie. Lelie is holding out and demanding a trade because the Broncos are not going to hand him the number 1 receiver position on the team. He wants to go to a team that would place him in that role. The top two receivers on the team are reliable veteran Rod Smith, who gets it done year in and year out, and Javon Walker, who is coming off of an injury but has proven he can be a volatile offensive weapon in this league. Instead of going to camp and competing for the top spot Lelie is whining like a little girl (as his first name would indicate) because he knows that on the field, he isn’t good enough to beat these two out for the spot. And when you look at Lelie’s career production, he shouldn’t be a number one wide-out anywhere.