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2010 NFL Preview

Like NFL football, I am back. Let me first apologize for my extended absence. And admit that I’ve missed the Sportscolumn community. I swear, there is a method to my madness (reasons for hiatus: pursuit of double major at Washington State University, new puppy, new girlfriend, and inebriation due to lackluster performance by the Dodgers). College classes are no longer fun, my puppy is no longer cute, my girlfriend is no longer…well, my girlfriend, and I’ve completely run out of Keystone. So, it is my privilege to finally be back on my computer, trying to convince and persuade everyone to read my annoying articles and accept my biased viewpoints as fact.

As always, I am pushing the deadline of journalistic timeliness by posting this preview literally ten minutes into the Saints-Vikings season kick-off. Anyway, with my baseball team out of the picture, it’s time to get excited for football season. Here is how I see the season playing out:

NFL’s 2010 NFC Preview

The Cowboys are Vegas darlings to win the NFC this year.  Is it the drive to play on home field for the Super Bowl?  Did Tony Romo get a new girlfriend?  Is it all the America’s Team fans driving up the betting price?  Who knows.  The Cowboys have the most talented roster in the NFC and it’s easy to see why Vegas bookies are pegging them at 5-1 odds to win the NFC.   But I’ve got a better bet.

Unlike the AFC, there are only a handful of teams worthy of consideration to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLV:  Saints, Cowboys, Vikings and Packers.  One of these teams will be in Arlington on February 6th, 2011.