Boston Red Sox

86 Years Later…

It ended on October 27, 2004. It ended on a night where there was a lunar eclipse. It ended 18 years after possibly the 2nd largest choke in MLB history (yes, Yankees fans, the 2004 Yanks are still number one). Yes, the Curse ended. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions.

Denver Nuggets

It is now time for Carmelo to shine

Last season, as many Denver fans would tell you, a travesty occurred in the Denver sports area. No, I am not talking about the underacheiving of the Avalanche (that’s the Colorado hockey team for the 99% who do not watch this sport), or the whuppin’ by the Colts on the Broncos, 41-10. I am instead talking about the NBA Rookie of the Year voting.

Carmelo Anthony, hot off a NCAA championship to go along with a Most Outstanding Player in the tourney better known as March Madness helped lead a Nuggets team to 26 more victories (17 in ’02-’03 to 43 in ’03-’04) and a playoff berth in the Western Conference. But then the votes for RoY were cast, and the winner was…LeBron James?