Dallas Cowboys

"The Triplets" To Be Immortalized

The decade of the 1990’s were a significant time in my life.  I was maturing in a way to become able to form my own opinions, make decisions for myself, etc.  Basically, I was growing from a child into a teenager.  However, despite the many memories I encountered during this decade, and the many different things I saw or experienced, the image that stands out in my mind more vibrant than the rest is a big blue star.  That big blue star is none other than the star of the Dallas Cowboys.  


Youth; An American Pastime

Youth has always saved American sport.  Dating back to Bird and Magic, then Jordan.  DiMaggio after Ruth, Mantle after DiMaggio, the Williams sisters in tennis, Tiger and Phil, and countless others. Youth always brings new life and new interest to their respective sports.  Our newest arrival of youth has the potential to save a new sport, women’s golf.  I sincerely thought I would never say this, but I am actually excited about the future of women’s golf, and not just professional women’s golf, but amateur ranks as well.

MLB General

Go Away Sox

I can’t take it anymore; I am almost losing my interest in watching baseball on national TV.  ESPN is out of control, as is Fox.  It seems every where you turn, its all about the Boston Freakin’ Red Sox.  

Everyone jumped on the bandwagon last fall, everyone except me and the other millions of Yankee fans, but the Red Sox temporarily inspired a country and a city by breaking the all mighty Curse of the Bambino.  They also brought some much needed interest to the Fall Classic.  Those are all good things.  In my opinion, however, it should have ended there.