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Steroids: A Look Beyond the Crucible

For most, the implications of steroids in professional sports are a simple issue. They’re bad, those who use them are bad, those who produce them are bad, and it’s just that simple. They don’t know of any complications and, more importantly, they don’t want to; they’d rather just assume the worst. Unfortunately, in the world of sports (and incidentally, the world of drugs) there are no clear-cut issues.

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How To Protest in Three Easy Steps: A Guide By Case Study

Last night, before the Yankees pounded his Blue Jays 10-3, Carlos Delgado added to the long and celebrated list of sports figures who, in light of world events, have chosen a sporting environment as a place to stage protests by choosing not to stand for the patriotic hymn “God Bless America.” in doing this, however, he failed to deliver his message and therefore has been vilified. Why? Not so much for his views as for his mode of expression. Thus, I offer to help my fellow American (Delgado is Peurto Rican) by offering a how-to on expressing discontent, from a veritable who’s-who of hell no.

LA Lakers

Meanwhile- Back in LA…

All the talk surrounding the blockbuster deal between LA and Miami has been Shaq-centric, as well as the orbit of several planets. But what about the other side of the coin? LA may see the rebirth of some of its legendary rivalries, spark all-new ones, and once again become the most interesting story in sports. Not just the Lakers, but the entire town. For those of you who enjoyed LA becoming the drama capital of the world in sports, too, this next bout of speculation is for you.

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Bloom Getting Nipped in the Bud

If you’ve read any of my earlier work, you may have surmised that I am rather displeased with several recent actions of the NCAA as it concerns college football. This is completely true. My latest regularly scheduled rant is on the ruling of the NCAA that Jeremy Bloom, a Colorado wide receiver and world-champion skier, cannot collect endorsement money, thus forcing him to choose between football and skiing. Here we go…

Arizona Cardinals

It’s Time in Tempe

Every once in a while, the stars align for the less fortunate NFL team, allowing them a shot at the playoffs or even a Super Bowl. Some, like the Patriots, use it to spawn a run of success. Some, like the Browns and Falcons, can only hope to point to it in future years as the coach’s office empties yet again. In any event, this year’s lucky team is… Arizona.

College Football

13 ways to make the BCS better

13. Change the abbreviation to Broken Computer System. Or take the C out. Admit you were wrong and add a playoff game.

12. Add to the ranking factors a cheerleader swimsuit contest. It’ll help just as much as everything else you’ve ever tried. Then admit you were wrong and add a playoff game.

11. Line a monkey cage with media guides. Place the teams in order of media guides the monkey relieves himself on. Use this to replace the New York Times computer rankings,which it would far surpass in accuracy. Then admit you were wrong and add a playoff game.

MLB General

MLB’s Second Half: Champs- Chumps and Expos

As America’s pastime begins its home stretch, it’s now time to look at what’s about to happen. Since I’ve got a few leftover tea leaves, let’s take a look:


Who Loves Ya- Baby?

Exactly how can you not love Todd Hamilton? The man’s been through the golfing versions of hell, purgatory and the Japanese Tour. He’s fought, lost, dusted off, and started clawing again. And just when you think it’s over, just when Els starts hitting the clutch shots, when the man who went second at Augustaand fourth in the U.S. Open looms over him, the man delivers. The “Any Given Sunday” Rule got put to the test today–and it passed with flying colors.

St. Louis Blues

The Strange case of Mike Danton

For those of us south of the Mason-Dixon line, hockey doesn’t come up on the register very often, if at all. Our psyche is so bent on baseball, basketball and football that the concept of following some sport we fail to understand and are incapable of playing seems laughable. But occasionally, there enters into the world a story so bizarre, so strange, so irrefutably perplexing, that our minds drift from the courts and fields more suited to our more tepid climes. Such a story has drifted from the glacial land of Canada, intertwined with the similarly frosty plains of Illinois, made a beeline in the livable domain of St. Louis, and finally arrived at our attentions, compelling us to train our minds to its endless complexities. It is a story of family secrets beyond which can be found in the Southern tradition of the dimestore novel, a betrayal which far surpasses the bounds of any film-noir screenplay, and smitten manipulation which exceeds the confines of even the most scandalous of tabloids. It is the story of Mike Danton, a young, talented left wing for the St. Louis Blues, who Friday pled guilty to murder-for-hire conspiracy, along with girlfriend Katie Wolfmeyer.