San Francisco 49ers

Two Picks in the First : The Niners on Draft Day

So this weekend is The Draft. I LOVE watching the NFL draft. Last year, my beloved Niners had the first pick, and their choice in the first round was known weeks in advance. This year, due to some coin flipping with the Raiders (the two teams had identical records and no tiebreaker last season) and a trade with the Broncos, the Niners have two picks in the first round (#6 and #22), and none in the second or third, meaning after pick #22, I can stop watching until Sunday (when the 49ers have seven… one in Round 4, one in Round 5, two in Round 6 and three in Round 7).

Golden State Warriors

Top Ten Reasons to Root for the Warriors

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to root your team. Sometimes, you love a team that continually fails you, fails to make the playoffs, fails to reach .500, whatever the case may be. It’s not easy to stick with rooting for such a team. This is why, as a tried-and-true Golden State Warriors fan, I felt it my duty to come up with 10 rock-solid reasons why everyone should be a Warriors fan. Without further adieu…

Oakland A's

A Tale of Two Seasons

A 20-win run one August/September. Four consecutive playoff appearances. Cory Lidle. Ted Lilly. Scott Hatteberg. The Oakland Athletics have, for the last few years at least, been a team of the Second Half. A Post-All-Star Break juggernaut. Guys who would spend the spring and early summer months hitting .240 or tossing 4.50 and an even record will go on batting tears or start tossing sub-3 ball while winning decision after decision. Every year there’s someone on the A’s squad that destroys the expectations on them and lifts the team into the playoffs. And this year?

This year there’s Rich Harden.


How to not love Todd Hamilton

There is a reason that I, and many golf fans, don’t like seeing Todd Hamilton and his ilk win the major tournaments. There is a reason why the sport doesn’t (shouldn’t?) like it. It’s dreadfully, interminably boring.