Dallas Cowboys

I Spit In Your Face

When you watch ESPN after anything happens with Terrell Owens, you get a sense of hypocrisy.  Let’s take this latest incident where he spit in DeAngelo Hall’s face.  Wait this is the same DeAngelo Hall that took a cheap shot at Rudi Johnson’s knees in week 8.  At least getting spit on doesn’t injure you.  ESPN talks about Tank Johnson and his off the field issues by simply stating what happened.  They don’t dig deep into his character and talk about him being a problem for his team.   I know T.O. has done a lot in his tenure as an NFL receiver do deserve attention, but maybe everyone should just state the facts and move on.  Is it really necessary to talk every week about how he’s such a problem and how something needs to be done before it blows up in their face.  Well, based on what they’ve said from the beginning, the Cowboys should be feeling the backlash by now.  You don’t have to like T.O. because of all the things he’s done, but you sure can ignore it.  My god it’s the only way Cowboys fans can continue to like their team.  This isn’t a defense of Terrell Owens, but rather a story about the focus of the people at ESPN.