College Football

Missed Opportunity For Perrilloux

Examples of student-athletes in college sports especially in college football is fading. Sure there are some good student-athletes that represent their university and themselves appropriately. But now more than ever, the players that receive all the media hype and attention are the ones that most likely find themself in trouble. Schools that usually maintain great reputation have been dealing with troubling players that don’t care to commit themselves to their team nor their universities. It’s not a matter of having fun with your friends or getting a little crazy. It’s a matter of so called “student-athletes” committing serious crimes and doing the most idiotic acts that you wouldn’t imagine a person of that age doing.

Boston Celtics

Boston Paper Champions?

Rebuilding a franchise is the most difficult and stressful aspect of being a general manager. If a GM does it wrong, it could take a decade to recover from previous screw ups. In order to rebuild a team back to being competitive, management must draft well and make the appropriate financial moves. Sometimes that means trading away old players and stocking your team with some ‘young guns’. In today’s world some franchises purposely tank to receive a high draft pick in order to select that “franchise player” who then is expected to build your team to greatness.

However for the Boston Celtics it only took one trade for them to become the doormat in the NBA to one of the best in the NBA. On a late July day, Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge shocked the basketball world when he pulled off possibly the biggest trade in NBA history. The Celtics traded for future hall of famer Kevin Garnett and one of the most accurate 3-point shooters in the game, Ray Allen.