New York Yankees

Illusory Economics

In professional baseball we have all just witnessed a big bang-like collision between a false claim to a non-existing economic crisis and the wealthiest sports franchise on the face of the planet. The impact has birthed the unprecedented humiliation of the one of the game’s all-time greats. Derek Jeter, unfortunately, is the initial example of what it means get robbed in free agency in the 21st century.

Heading into the 2010 season, it felt like an opening day of old for the Yankees organization. The Bombers had finally gotten over the hump, laying claim as king of the hill by winning their 28th World Series Championship in 2009 and were ready to begin their rampant march to repeat. However, there was one big elephant in the room for New York, but in April it may have seemed to most as only a mouse. Clearly the elephant was Derek Jeter’s contract status after 2010. Jeter would be playing the final season of his ten-year, $180 million contract and would likely be demanding a hefty price for what would appear to be his final contract as a New York Yankee.

NHL General

The NHL continues to skate around the issues!

 Recently an all star cast of the who’s who, in the NHL met to take on the task of improving its game. Discussions ranged from the size of goalie pads to were the net is located on ice. Once again the NHL will fail its goal of skating out of the ice ages! While they have Nascars for athletes they play at sprint car speeds. These so-called fixes are just Band-Aids on a gaping wound of lost interest and revenue! Here are the stitches.