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8/12 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Preseason Shape

Ryan and Vin discuss the drugs Rex Grossman is taking, Channing Crowder’s retirement, and Tim Tebow’s whining.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Rex Grossman says Redskins will win the NFC East
  • The Best Channing Crowder quotes
  • Dan Uggla’s hit streak
  • The worst teams in MLB history
  • 7 year old signed by Real Madrid
  • Hope Solo sorta naked in ESPN’s weak attempt at a sensationalistic skin issue
  • Top 10 List: SI Covers

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Top 10 List: Ryan’s (somewhat biased) list of best Sports Illustrated covers of all time

Honorable Mention #1: Sept 27, 2010 – “Prairie Homer Companion” – Jim Thome
Honorable Mention #2: June 30, 1986 – “Death of a Dream” – Len Bias 1963-1986
Honorable Mention #3: May 4, 2009 – “The Best Pitcher in Baseball” – Zach Greinke

#10. August 21, 1967 – “Red Sox Slugger Carl Yastrzemski”
#9. June 18, 1982 – “The Super Catch” – Dwight Clark’s catch against the Cowboys
#8. June 12, 1995 – “Why the University of Miami should drop football”
#7. July 19, 1999 – “Yes!” Brandi Chastain
#6. January 22, 1970 – “The Way It Was” by Tony Conigliaro
#5. September 24, 2001 – “The Week That Sports Stood Still”
#4. July 15, 1991 – “I’m Back!” Steffi Graf
#3. April 16, 2001 – “Masterpiece” – Tiger Woods
#2. March 3, 1980 – Miracle on Ice
#1. December 6, 2004 – Red Sox Sportsmen of the Year

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