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6/30 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Back Hair Is Art

Ryan and Vin the lockout(s) and why planking is so stupid.

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This week’s topics include:

  • NBA lockout
  • Roger Goodell is a douche / Nobody likes Thursday night football
  • Gilbert Arenas is everywhere / planking war
  • Lego Dirk Nowitzki – better defense?
  • Joe Mauer backhair jersey
  • Top 10 List: North American Sports Riots

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Ryan’s list of Worst (Best?) Sports lockouts/strikes

10.  1992 NHL strike
9.     2011 NFL lockout
8.     1972 MLB strike
7.     1994-1995 NHL lockout
6.     1987 NFL strike
5.     1981 MLB strike
4.     1982 NFL strike
3.     1998-1999 NBA lockout
2.     2004-2005 NHL lockout
1.     1994 MLB strike

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