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4/7 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Kate Upton saves the week

Vin and Ryan try to forget the travesty that was the Final game on Monday night by watching Kate Upton do the dougie.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Butler / UConn ruins America.
  • Tom Cruise marries Katie Holmes Ben Roethlisberger engaged.
  • Mike Vrabel is a criminal mastermind
  • How old is too old?
  • mix tapes / slampigs
  • Kate Upton wins everything
  • High school librarian wins Yahoo tourney bracket contest (of course)
  • Vin’s list of worst championship games/series in the past 30 years
  • Steve Nash’s black baby
  • LeBron buys a stake in Fenway Sports Group / Liverpool.
  • LeBron’s mom celebrates a little too hard
  • Misc: Wayne Rooney, Rory McIlroy,

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Vin’s list of worst championship games/series in the past 30 years

T2. Super Bowl XXIV: SF 44, Denver 10. Wasn’t even close.
T2. Super Bowl XXII: Was44, Denver 10: Doug Williams becomes a black QB, Redskins score 35 pts in 2nd quarter and Timmy Smith becomes a legend for a day. Redskins scored 5 TDs in 18 plays. Shameful.
T2. Super Bowl XX: Chi 46, NE 10: Not only was it boring, Walter Payton didn’t even get a TD. Burn in hell Ditka
T2. Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas 52, Buffalo 4. Bills turned it over 9 times.
T2. 1989 World Series: Giants scored 2 runs in the first two games, got blown out in game 3 13-3 going into the ninth (ended 13-7) and then packed it in for game 4. Highlight was an earthquake. (Narrowly edges out 1990 ws because that had one game that went 10 innings, plus huge upset.)
T2. 1998/1999 Yankees over Padrebraves 8-0
T2. 2004 Red Sox over St Louis – Anticlimactic (narrowly edges ST Louis over Detroit)
T2. 2007 NBA Finals: SA over LeBrons. Average score was in the 80s
T2. 2002 NBA Finals: Lakers over Nets. Snooze fest.
1. UConn over Butler: #1 not just because it’s recent, but because it was horrible to watch after a great string of games that came before. Like the NCAA version of the Phantom Menace.

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