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Breaking Down March Madness

This was my Monday night at Costco….


Meltable Cheddar Cheese……going to need some of that…….chili…..better grab three cans…..buffalo wings…..that’s a check……blue cheese dressing…..gotta go back and get some blue cheese dressing……hmmmmm….mozzarella sticks…welcome aboard…..jalapeno poppers….gotta get some sour cream…..tortilla chips….are we sure two bags are enough…..salsa…..a given…..guacamole…..that’s a check……….tough decision…….Yuengling……..Sierra Nevada Pale Ale……Yuengling…..Sierra Nevada…….Yuengling….Sierra Nevada……gotta go with the Yuengling…..better stop and apologize to the Sierra Nevada and promise them a trip to my refrigerator at the A’s impending World Series victory……..

Wait for it…..MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God bless the NCAA Tournament.  Is it just me or do you just walk with a hop in your step knowing that the greatest month of sports has finally shown up at the doorstep?  In my opinion there is not a finer sporting event on the planet and not a fairer way to determine a champion.  I know what many of you will say and I do submit that the NFL Playoffs are also an enjoyable time.  Perhaps we can all get together and admit that as a sporting nation we like playoffs that are one and done.  The sheer drama which is 65 teams filled with college kids competing for one of the grandest prizes is about to unfold and it is time to do our yearly breakdown of the field.  We begin our preview with………..


The Danny & The Miracles Award (annually given to the player most likely to put a team on his back and carry them through the tourney):  Blake Griffin is an absolute horse.  He is built like Carlos Boozer but he gets off the ground like an old-school Kenyon Martin.  His hops are just quick and explosive.  What makes Griffin even more dangerous is that he has an outstanding motor and he plays like a tough guy.


The First Round Matchup That Caused Me To Spend Thirty Minutes On The Sh*tter at Work Award:  Siena versus Ohio State.  In my opinion, Siena is the better team in this matchup.  The problem is that the game is in Dayton, Ohio and that should benefit the home state Buckeyes.  This game along Washington-Mississippi State, California-Maryland and VCU-UCLA are all ones you need to split if you are entering two sheets.


The 1,000 Pound Gorilla:  North Carolina returned Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green along with a host of others from a team that made the Final Four last season.  Quite simply, this year will be a disappointment if they do not win the Big Dance. 


The Mouse McFadden Award (annually given to the small-school player most likely to go nuts on the big stage):  If North Dakota State upsets Kansas; it will be because Ben Woodside went off.  Woodside has a sixty-point game this season and is one of the best outside shooters in the country.  North Dakota State is a lively sleeper and should not be underestimated. 


The Billy Packer Award (annually given to the biggest asshole involved with the NCAA Tournament):  For the first time in years, Billy Packer is not going to win this.  Can I just mention again that Billy Packer will not be involved with this year’s tournament?  How great is that? 


The UW-Milwaukee Award (annually given for most predictable upset call):  With Chester Frazier out, Western Kentucky will beat Illinois.  Take it to the bank.  I could see the Hilltoppers really putting it on Illinois as people forget that Western Kentucky made the Sweet Sixteen last season.   


The Hampton Award (annually given to the team most likely to pull a mind-blowing upset):  From a seeding standpoint it is mind-blowing when a thirteen seed upends a four seed.  However, I love Mississippi State over Washington.  The Bulldogs looked outstanding in the SEC Tournament and Jarvis Varnado is a stud.  Washington is only a .500 team on road/neutral courts.  I think Mississippi State wins a tight one.


The Indiana “Don’t Forget The Name On The Front Of The Jersey” Award:  Everybody is writing off UCLA and I think that is a mistake.  People forget that UCLA has made the last three Final Fours and plays a hardnosed brand of defense. 


Trevor’s Elite Eight:  Duke, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Syracuse, Memphis, UConn, Kansas, Louisville.


Trevor’s Final Four:  Louisville, Memphis, Duke and North Carolina.


Trevor’s Final Two:  North Carolina and Louisville.


Trevor’s Champ:  Louisville.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. 


12 replies on “Breaking Down March Madness”

Always look forward to this Trevor and you always nail it…

I’ll add Eric Maynor of VCU as a Mouse McFadden candidate, the Billy Packer award should be retired because there is no longer any real asshole in college sports but I think you were just reminding everybody that Billy packer is gone and we thank you for that!

My Shitter game is Michigan-Clemson because i’m tempted to have one of them knock off Oklahoma.

I hope Robert Morris becomes the next Hampton. They do have one thing going in its favor: Gus Johnson!

RJ – I look forward to this column every year too.

You gotta love the Billy Packer award. I’m so excited I don’t have to hear that old curmudgeon this year.

Everyone has North Carolina in the title game if not to win it. It’s gonna be awful if they go down in round 2.

Thank you both!

Eric Maynor is a definite Mouse candidate. His matchup with UCLA’s Jrue Holliday should be a good one.

Gus Johnson is also doing the North Dakota State versus Kansas game. You know he is limbering up for that one right now.

Because everybody is picking UNC, I am avoiding them like the plague. I don’t have them winning any bracket but I have them in the Final Four in all of them. I hate to say this but I think Duke is good value as a sleeper pick to win it right now. They’ve looked great since they tinkered with their starting lineup.

WKU was too easy even though Illinois made it tight at the end. That was probably the only poor matchup put together by the committee.

14 out of 16 on day one…let hope I didnt jinx myself

I’m rooting for a lot of upsets today to make it more fun. So far.. nothing.

Man, thank god Nova pulled through.

Last night’s games were fantastic for those on the east coast that stayed up.

Sienna double OT, Wisconsin over FSU…. and I got great satisfaction over Cleveland State over Wake Forest.

Once again the 12s own the 5s. I liked Cleveland St a lot in that game but i pussed out and didnt pick them for some reason and I regret it.

I guess the secret is just to wait until the last minute of the last games on TV and you’ll get the whole “March Madness” experience…We sat through 9+ hours of mehh but the payoff on the Gonzaga-WKU and Texas-Duke endings was worth it.

Gonzaga-WKU was incredible. I think WKU thought Goodson would dish the ball to one of his more accomplished teammates, but as Goodson has as Bill Raftery likes to say “onions”. Great coast to coast play. I think Gonzaga is going to be a tough matchup for North Carolina. Gonzaga is one of the few teams in the tournament that can get into a track meet with North Carolina. That game has 88-86 barnburner written all over it.

Nova-Duke is going to be an absolute war in the Sweet 16. I think that with the Zag-UNC game are appointment television viewing.

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