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Week 2 2008 NFL Picks and Podcast

Ryan and RJ lead the way, going 11-5 last week, followed by Vin at 10-6 and Trevor at 9-7. We hope to do better this week as week 1 is always tough to predict. Plenty of gambling advice for you degenerate gamblers on the podcast.

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NFL Week 2 2008 Picks

MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Packers @ Lions Packers Packers Packers Packers
Giants @ Rams Giants Giants Giants Giants
Saints @ Redskins Saints Saints Saints Saints
Bills @ Jaguars Jaguars Bills Jaguars Bills
Titans @ Bengals Titans Bengals Titans Bengals
Raiders @ Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Colts @ Vikings Colts Colts Vikings Colts
Bears @ Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Bears
Niners @ Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Niners Seahawks
Chargers @ Broncos Chargers Chargers Broncos Chargers
Patriots @ Jets Jets Patriots Jets Patriots
Dolphins @ Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards
Ravens @ Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston
Steelers @ Browns Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Eagles @ Cowboys Packers Packers Packers Packers
Falcons @ Bucs Bucs Bucs Bucs Bucs
Prev Week 10-6 (.625) 11-5 (.688) 9-7 (.563) 11-5 (.688)
Overall 10-6 (.625) 11-5 (.688) 9-7 (.563) 11-5 (.688)
LOCKS 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

Locks of the Week

[Editor’s Note: This year, we’re making the Locks of the Week a little more interesting as we have a side bet amongst the four experts. The person with the most money at the end of the year in Locks betting takes home all the money. Disclaimer: The amounts discussed are for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Gambling may be illegal in your locale.]

Vegas Vinny: Did you know that in 2000s, the Steelers have beaten the Browns 16 of the last 18 meetings? That’s a lot of domination. This looked like the year that the Browns would break that trend. But Donte Stallworth cleating Braylon Edwards in preaseason really threw a wrench into the timing of that offense. On the flip side, the Browns defense doesn’t seem have to improved since last year and Willie Parker always runs well against Cleveland. I think the Browns will still be a playoff team but right now, the Steelers are better. At least 7 points better. I’ll put $55 to win $50 on the Steelers (-6) (Balance= $1050)

More betting points:
* Chiefs (-3) over the Raiders
* Chargers (+1) over the Broncos
* Arizona/Miami over 39 points

BostonMac: It’s a good time to be a Buffalo Bills fan right now. After a thorough dismantling of the Seahawks last week and Tom Brady’s season-ending injury, the Bills and their fans are looking to contend for the AFC East title. They go to Jacksonville this week to play a chic preseason pick for the AFC title in the Jaguars, who are injury-depleted and dragging after a loss to the Titans. Jacksonville’s injuries and Buffalo’s defense should make this an easy bet, since the Bills are getting almost a touchdown in a game they should probably win outright. I’ll put $55 to win $50 on BUFFALO (+5.5). (Balance = $945)

Trevor F: Tennessee is showing some good value here. I think the line is a little
depressed due to the Vince Young situation. That being said, the Titans
running game looks strong with Chris Johnson and LenDale White and their
defense is outstanding. All they need is for their quarterback to be
average and I think Kerry Collins can do that. I’ll bet $110 on Titans (+1) to win $100. (Balance = $945)

RJ: The Seahawks are as predictable the weather in their own city: great at home, lousy on the road. Win when they’re supposed to, but don’t beat anybody they’re not supposed to. Yawn. Why don’t they just go 8-8 and leave everybody alone? Fortunately for me, I’m on their good side this week. I’ve got Qwest Field, the 12th Man and a pissed off Mike Holmgren, who had to be nauseated by his team’s performance in beautiful Buffalo last Sunday. The 49ers? Well, last week was one of the handful of winnable games on the schedule with the Cardinals at home, but they couldn’t hold on to the ball and were nickel and dimed by the most succsessful bag boy in history, Kurt Warner. The defense must still be catcing their breath after being on the field a whole quarter longer than the ‘offense.’ I like Matt Hasselbeck and his offense to get it going and the special teams to avoid those lapses that cost them a week ago. Because of that, Vegas only made them a one-touchdown favorite instead of two, which they should be. Seattle (-7) shoots fish in a barrell all day and I win my $50 back.

A few more betting points:

* Indy (-2) over Minnesota
* Chicago-Carolina to go over 37 points
* Atlanta-TB to go over 37.5
(Balance = $945)

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welcome back guys good to hear the picks once again.  my only problem with the show is that its posted on fridays now.  is there any way to post it on thursday so we can be ready for our work pools on friday?  

ps. trevor has to be right about the 49ers once this year (eh, maybe not)

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