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Week 1 2008 NFL Power Rankings

One huge injury, and the entire NFL is shaken and destroyed.

But it wasn’t just Tom Brady’s injury that hit the league. Big names like Vince Young, Brodie Croyle, and Drew Bennett all found out they’ll be missing significant action with injuries.

We found out that Brett Favre is comfortable as a Jet, and likely to get more comfortable, that Aaron Rodgers isn’t shy about leaping into the stands, and Michael Turner is the real deal.

But away from all the injuries lies an even more interesting phenomenon: the impact of rookies immediately to start the season.

From the Titan’s Chris Johnson, to Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson, rookies throughout the league turned in huge performances to help their teams go 1-0. See for yourself. The teams moving up in the rankings after week one, for the most part, all have a rookie or two playing a huge hand in their success.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (3) 1-0 Tony Romo showed his toughness by playing with a bloody face. Felix and Pacman Jones proved their worth, as well. This team looks very good.
2 (1) 1-0 Well, so much for being off the injury report. Tom Brady going down is about the worst thing that could possibly happen. Now we get to see what Matt Cassel is made out of, and more importantly, what the Patriots are made out of.
3 (2) 0-1 Peyton Manning was rusty, but that had to be expected. Marvin Harrison dropping and fumbling balls, now that was a shocker. Everyone on offense was just a tad out of sync. But the Bears?
4 (6) 1-0 If they can continue to run the ball like that, they won’t lose many games. Willie Parker already surpassed last season’s touchdown total.
5 (4) 0-1 They made a heroic comeback, only to fall short to, er, Dante Rosario. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s dumb luck, too.
6 (7) 1-0 Aaron Rodgers proved me wrong, for now. But what was with that super-conservative play calling by McCarthy on the final possession? A three-and-out when you need to run out the clock is what happens to mediocre teams. Atari Bigby saved the day.
7 (10) 1-0 Their offense was extremely effective, but didn’t do much for the highlight reels. Their defense somehow looks better.
8 (5) 0-1 Matt Jones stepped up and played well. The same can’t be said for David Garrard. The real story here was their inability to run the ball.
9 (11) 1-0 Donovan McNabb is on a mission, and he’s clearly taking rookie DeSean Jackson along with him. This isn’t an aberration. This offense is one to be feared.
10 (12) 1-0 It wasn’t running between the tackles, but it was sure nice to see Reggie Bush make a truly fantastic play. The game ball goes to him.
11 (8) 0-1 No run game. No pass game. No defense. This team is supposed to contend for the playoffs?
12 (9) 0-1 By all accounts, it was simply an off day for the offense. But 4 drops from a star the caliber of Braylon Edwards is beyond inexcusable.
13 (14) 1-0 Kurt Warner wasn’t flashy, but he couldn’t be stopped. The Cardinals just might be the team to beat in their division.
14 (19) 1-0 He was missing his number one option, yet Cutler looked as sharp as ever. Eddie Royal was a nice little find. Sure, it was the lowly Raiders, but that Denver offense looked like poetry in motion.
15 (16) 1-0 Does anyone else feel suddenly more optimistic with Kerry Collins as the starter? Oh, and can we say good-bye to Lendale White? Chris Johnson is a delight to watch.
16 (13) 0-1 Adrian Peterson did his part, but it’s painfully obvious Tarvaris Jackson is ineffective. Daunte Culpepper, anyone?
17 (20) 1-0 What a finish. Jake Delhomme led his team down the field and made a clutch throw, then proceeded to run around the field like a kid chasing the ice cream truck. Yeah, and this is without Steve Smith.
18 (21) 1-0 I refuse to give Kyle Orton any props. All he does is hand the ball off and play mistake-free football. Praising him would be like saying Trent Dilfer was a good quarterback. It’s a lie. The story here is Matt Forte. He made the Colts’ defense look like fools.
19 (23) 4-12 Brett Favre fans across the nation couldn’t have asked for a better opening day; two dramatic touchdown tosses and a Jets win. Say it with me! J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!
20 (15) 0-1 Jeff Garcia and Earnest Graham showed promise, but they let one get away against New Orleans. This team is full of old players. It’s likely they’re on the decline.
21 (17) 0-1 Once again, Matt Schaub had no trouble finding Andre Johnson, but the end result wasn’t a victory. There is no chance this team gets a serious ground attack rolling with what they have.
22 (18) 0-1 Jason Campbell just isn’t getting it. Is it time to move on to Colt Brennan yet?
23 (24) 1-0 The defense harassed Matt Hasselbeck all day and made him look like a rookie. The offense balanced the ball well, and they played really smart football.
24 (22) 0-1 Aren’t you glad Chad Ocho Cinco went through all that trouble to change his name, only to catch one ball in a loss to the Ravens? Because, come on people, sometimes the NFL is just plain old funny.
25 (25) 0-1 For the third consecutive season, Frank Gore is the only offensive player worth mentioning, watching, or reading about on this team. Patrick Willis keeps the defense exciting, but there are too many questions across the board that need to be answered.
26 (26) 0-1 Is Mike Martz still in Detroit? Because all I saw against Atlanta was Jon Kitna dropping back to pass. If this organization wants to win, they need to start at the top of the totem pole. Matt Millen needs to go.
27 (27) 0-1 They should feel good about hanging with the Patriots, Brady or no Brady. If Damon Huard plays well, they should stick with him the rest of the season. Brodie Croyle getting hurt opening day should be a sign. The Chiefs need to move on.
28 (29) 1-0 They’re starting Matt Ryan right now because he can help them win, not because they want him to “get a season under his belt”. How’s a 62 yard touchdown for his first career pass? And don’t even get me started on Michael Turner. This team could surprise some people.
29 (30) 1-0 He looked like a Praying Mantis running for a touchdown, but Joe Flacco got it done. Very little of it was pretty, but the Ravens looked far more fluid on offense than the Bengals, and for now, that’s all that matters.
30 (32) 0-1 Chad Pennington wasn’t able to exact his revenge against the Jets, and he probably won’t get a better chance than what he had. Simply put, he blew it.
31 (31) 0-1 What a disaster. No one on either side of the ball could get it right, but DeAngelo Hall comes to mind more than anyone else. Ronald Curry did a great job killing drives with dropped balls.
32 (28) 0-1 If that wasn’t the most pathetic display of offensive ability I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. You know it’s bad when Torry Holt catches one ball and plays the entire game.

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Error   These power rankings were well done and summarized week 1 in a nice way, but one mistake you could correct if you’d like is that Tony’ Romo’s was in pain from his chin but he wasn’t bleeding at all,  at least from what I remember..

romo’s chin Yeah, they did a good job of bandaging it and then the bandage was held in by the chin strap. he was definitely bleeding, though. think about it. 13 stitches. yikes.

Thanks for reading/comments, guys.

week2 They should be ready to go after the eagles/cowboys game

not having a texans/ravens game this week will be unfortunate.

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