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How will the Huskers do this season?

Welcome to Huskerville Hero where every week throughout the season I will break down the Nebraska game and announce that week’s Huskerville Hero.

Now let’s talk about how they will do this season and who is the preseason Huskerville Hero. Hello Husker fans! Let’s talk about how the Huskers will do this year. It is my belief that this will be quite the rebuilding season. Some of the things that we Husker fans need to look at are first and foremost DEFENSE, what type of changes are made on offense and a few key players.

Defense: two words, Bo Pelini. I have to admit that I to, like so many of us Husker fans, have fallen for the glitter and glamor of the wicked media blitz that his arrival here has caused. However, Husker fan, don’t drink the cool aid just yet. While Coach Pelini is a man very well known for getting the job done and done right, we need to consider the fact that he does not have magical powers that allow him to point at the defense and with a few sparks and a cool noise give us the best D in the nation.

Carl and Bo Pelini will put together a much improved 2008 Husker defense, don’t get me wrong. However, we need to listen to Coach Pelini when he says that “they are in the learning stages” right now. He would not say that if he didn’t mean it folks. I do believe that just changing the defensive scheme and adding some passion will keep us from having one of the worst ranked defenses in the nation this year but we will still land in the lower up side of things. The defensive players that we have here are some of the best players in the nation and they will flourish but they need time. So don’t talk smack….just wait and cheer them on and you will eventually get a national power house.

The two defensive players to watch out for this year will be Ndamukong Suh, who will have a collection of sacks and believe it or not Cody Glenn. Yes….I said it Cody Glenn. This guy can run down anything and if he intercepts you better believe he will have what one needs to take it to the house. He also has an extremely strong mind for the game of football.

Offense: five words, Joe Ganz and Marlon Lucky. I personally was extremely impressed with how Joe Ganz handled himself last season. After all it is kind of a knock to have to follow an over rated guy. Joe has the fire that has been missing from the quarterback position for some time now here in Nebraska. When your quarterback says that he has the same philosophy as a guy by the name of Jim McMahon, you know you have got some fire and a true passion for the game. A quarterback who will admittedly put up whatever type of numbers that will win the game. We can expect to see this guy showing us how fun football can really be.

Now I can tell you that any team in this entire country would give anything in their arsenal for a man that can rush for over 1,000 yards and still have time to catch 75 passes!!! Marlon is like a machine and this WILL be his breakout year for rushing. He will still be an assault tank receiving out of the back field but look out 2,000 yard mark because here he comes.

My prediction for this season is a solid 9-3 season with the three losses coming from Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Kansas. I do believe that they will lay a whompin on Mizzou this year. I think that Bo has their offense figured out by that week for sure.

Later Husker fan!


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I can’t… vote for you cause I’m a Wisconsin Badger fan, I know that we’re not in the same conference, and I didn’t vote against you for that reason. I like Nebraska in the Big 12, but it’s kind of like voting for the Cowboys when I’m a Packer fan, I don’t hate em, but I can’t root for em either. Well Done!

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