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Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved: Week 14 of the College Football Season

It’s a shortened week, so therefore a shortened IUD. It’s also the end of the regular season. I’m crying already…


Having spent the last 13 weeks NOT giving the Warriors their due, Colt Brennan & Co have now gone the whole season unbeaten. It wasn’t always easy – rather like the 35-27 win over Washington in which they had to come back from 21 points down – but unbeaten IS unbeaten.


Tied up in the first half, Oklahoma’s defense then put on a show in the second half. I can’t wait until Allen Patrick’s in the NFL – he could be the next Adrian Peterson. Bob Stoops has a knack of recruiting some incredible running backs – who have this year taken him all the way to a Big XII title.


This was the match you couldn’t take your eyes off. LSU may have won 21-14, but with Keiland Williams and Trindon Holliday limping off, they may not have won the war. This was a battle down to the last seconds – and if it wasn’t for a couple of interceptions from UT quarterback Erik Ainge, you might be looking at SEC Championship going to Knoxville.

Virginia Tech

In a game that was played in front of one man and his dog at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, VA Tech won because of a super defence, which ran one extra point back for two as well as taking in the interception which clinched the ACC Title. Against this defense, West Virginia should be AFRAID.


Most people were expecting West Virginia to win this one by five touchdowns. Pittsburgh came in, stopped the Mountaineers early, and managed to put Pat White out of the game. I don’t cheer injuries – but I’m sure the Panthers were. Dave Wannstedt’s still got a long way to go with this Pitt team, but this win – which ruined WVA’s season at the same time – is some consolation for a below-par year.

Army/ Navy

When two teams and cadets manage to get behind their academies and forget about war for three hours, I’m pretty darned impressed. Thank you for serving guys. And a quick message to seniors on both sides: May God Bless You and may you come back alive.


After the Ducks lost Dennis Dixon and Brady Leaf due to injury, I didn’t expect the Ducks to put up too much of a fight against Oregon State. They may have lost in overtime, but the freshman Justin Roper proved that he will be an excellent fit on this Ducks team after Dixon graduates.


Arizona State

Arizona State have gone through the whole of this season without winning one meaningful game. I can understand those saying that beat Arizona to the Territorial Cup’s meaningful, but when were the Wildcats last any good?



After slapping Kansas, you would have expected Missouri – and in particular Chase Daniel – to play better in the second half of their Big XII Championship game against Oklahoma. But they weren’t good enough – simple as that.

West Virginia

Come to West Virginia, where you can see a team that SHOULD go through the season unbeaten shoot themselves in the foot year after year after year.

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