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Impressed- Depressed- Umoved: Week 12 of the College Football Season

Rage, anger, sadness. And that’s just because we’ve only got a couple of weeks until the end of the season to go….IMPRESSED

Louisiana Monroe

A monster 21-14 upset for WarHawks, who were 24 ½ point underdogs going into the game at Tuscaloosa. Special love goes to Quintez Secka, who had two interceptions.


During their 34-24 upset of the #2 Oregon Ducks, it became plainly obvious that Antoine Cason will play on Sundays. The rest of the team? Not so much. Having said that, the injury to Dennis Dixon gave the Wildcats the chance they needed and they took it – probably helping Mike Stoops keep his job in the process.

Texas Tech

After lambasting the refs last week for some poor decisions, Mike Leach managed to keep his trap shut as he watched his Red Raiders perform a monster upset, ousting the #3 Oklahoma Sooners in Lubbock. Sam Bradford’s injury may have have helped the Raiders, but it was Oklahoma’s defence that couldn’t keep up with Tech.

Ohio State

A four-year winning streak over the Michigan Wolverines, two straight Big Ten Championships and a spot in the Rose Bowl isn’t bad going for Jim Tressel, is it?

Michigan State

With Penn State up 17 points, I thought the Spartans were dead. However, I quickly learned never to bet against Brian Hoyer and THAT MSU offence – even if the defence sucks. Crazy team, crazy, crazy night.


Down 24-9 to Vanderbilt, I thought UT were dead. Having said that, I forgot about Erik Ainge, who’s slowly but surely turning into an NFL quarterback. He mastered the `O’ to 16 straight points, helping UT to what will probably be a spot in the SEC Championship game.


I made some comments last week about Georgia RB Knowshoun Moreno being a future Heisman candidate and being a key to Georgia’s national title hopes. After 124 yards and a touchdown I’ll say it again. Can we forget about the fumble then?

Ole Miss

Although they lost 41-24, the Rebels held LSU quarterback scoreless for the first time in six games and put up 466 yards on the Tigers’ defence. It’s only a pity that their special teams couldn’t stop Tigers’ speedster Trindon Holliday and their offence gave up four turnovers to LSU’s none.

Florida Atlantic

If someone had told me that the Florida – FAU game had 79 points in it, I would have said: “Florida won the game 79-0? Wow!” But this team gave the Gators’ `D’ more than a fright in the second quarter, scoring 20 points to narrow their deficit to 28-20. Until Tim `Superman’ Tebow took over the game.

Boston College

Another week, another comeback for the BC Eagles. 17-13 down with around 1 ½ minutes left, the Eagles SOMEHOW came back to beat Clemson – which is no easy task on the road.  Matt Ryan may not win the Heisman this year, but he will definitely play on Sundays.



Hey KU! It was Iowa State you beat 45-7, not Iowa (although you could probably do that too this year!)! We’ll see how good you are against Missouri next week!

Notre Dame

A win against Duke! They’ll be partying in South Bend tonight, right?


Hey Mizzou! It was Kansas State you beat 49-32! We’ll see how good you are against KU next week!


Giving up 20 points against Florida Atlantic in the second quarter is not a great sign for Urban Meyer – even if the performance of Tim `Superman’ Tebow (338 yards, 3 TDs) is.


Penn State

The Nittany Lions defense was meant to be one of the best in the country. The offense was clicking, and PSU were on their way to a rare road victory with a  17 point lead. Then what happened? I don’t know. I don’t care. Roll on the Alamo Bowl and then 2008.


Chad Henne, Mike Hart and Jake Long didn’t get their wish. They couldn’t beat OSU. Why? On Saturday, the Bucks were simply better than they were.


I made some comments last week about Vandy’s incredible ability to lose close games. After giving up 16 final quarter points and subsequently losing 25-24 at Tennessee, I rest my case.

Oklahoma/ Oregon

Two upsets, two hurt quarterbacks, two crushed National Championship hopes. Ouch.


Think it couldn’t get any worse than losing to Iowa State this year? After the 28-19 loss to Western Michigan, it just did.


I have been talking for the few weeks about how Alabama football is back. After the Tide’s loss to Louisiana Monroe, I’ll like to take back my comments. Quickly.

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Iowa State beat Iowa this year If Iowa played in the Big 12 and would actually play anyone else in their out-of-conference schedule, they would be 3-9 like Iowa State.

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