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Would The Playoff Really Work?

Most of the fans want a playoff in college football.  They hate the computers having so much weight.  It isn’t right that all of the other major sports (even college) have a playoff.  Why doesn’t Division 1A college football create some sort of playoff or tournament?  Well, go ahead and consider it.  Should only conference champs go to this “playoff”?  What about the mid-major schools?  Are they included also?  Isn’t this one of the main differences in college football?  Division 1A has teams that belong to two separate groups: the BCS and non-BCS.  Division 1AA does not have anything like this.  Doesn’t Division 1A have its BCS conference teams and Notre Dame, while the Division 1AA teams are all treated the same?  College football fans from all around want a playoff/tournament.  Why can’t this happen?#1.  The same fans that hate the BCS and desire a playoff want to use the BCS rankings.  What? Would you repeat that?  I’ve heard it more than once.  I have heard many playoff supporters/BCS haters say. “We can use the BCS standings to set up an 8 or 16-team tournament.”  The ninth team or seventeenth team will argue about something.  How many mid-major teams could make it to the top 8 teams on a yearly basis?  I can hear Congress calling again.  

#2.  The “BCS Top 8 (or Top 16) Idea” vs. the “Conference Champ Idea”.  If you don’t win your conference, you can’t win the national title.  If the BCS standings are used for a playoff, then a team that is NOT conference champ could win the big game.  Look at the Big Ten teams in the top 8 spots of the BCS standings.  There are three teams from the Big Ten in the top eight.  That’s almost a 50% chance of a Big Ten school winning it all.  Or, do you go the route of conference champs are in no matter rank or record?  So, the Florida State Seminoles would have been in the 2005 playoff with a record of 8 – 4.  

#3.  Will the mid-major teams be included in this playoff?  These teams from the MAC, MWC, C-USA, etc. do belong to division 1A college football.  What type of argument would these teams have if they were not included?  Is that Congress I hear?

#4.  What is the verdict?  How can it happen?  If a playoff is created for division 1A football, it will have to be done from the ground up.  The BCS will have to be totally done away with.  We can’t say, “So long BCS, but let our playoff use your computer standings.”  Then, the arguments will increase exponentially.  What to include and not include will be discussed until the next millennium.  Does the playoff just include each conference champ?  Will this work?  Was Florida State the best team in the ACC in 2005 even though the Noles won the ACC title that year?  Does the Sun Belt champ really deserve to be in this national title tournament?  Who ranks these teams as far as the seeds go for the tournament?  If we don’t do the conference champ deal, what will prevent one conference from taking up two, three, or more seeds in the tournament?  We can assign an NCAA committee to seed the teams.  Yeah, just like basketball.            

#5.  The Revenge Factor.  Revenge may play a role if a team loses a close game against a conference opponent (or OOC opponent for that matter) and then has to face that same team again in the playoff.  As soon as the playoff is underway, and the team that won the first match-up loses in the playoff, heads will roll.  Rule changes will be in high demand.  

#6.  Money.  I am pretty sure that I don’t have to explain this one in great detail.  The more bowls, the more money.  It can be related to tourists, tickets, restaurants, gas, hotel rooms, shopping, etc.  When 64 out of 119 teams are going to a bowl game somewhere, some fans will surely follow.  What would it do to the college football wallet if the 64 teams playing in a bowl were diminished to eight or sixteen?

I am not sure how we can love a sport so much that incorporates computers that spits out decimal numbers determine the two teams that should play in the national title game.  I am also in disagreement with the fact that these lower level conferences are part of division 1A football, but the teams have no shot at the division 1A national title.  Imagine if professional baseball, football, and/or basketball possessed the same ideas.  There is a football field in 119 division 1A stadiums that allows these teams to establish their traditions, win/loss records, great comebacks, close losses, etc.  But these same football fields can’t be used to crown a real, true, honest national college football champion.  

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Playoffs!!!   Let an NCAA selection committee pick eight teams to participate in a playoff. They seed them where the top seed plays at home until the national championship game. Then that game is played on a neutral sight. Which can alternate where the BCS championship games have been played at. Big programs and mid-majors can make the playoff if thats what the committee decides. Still have all your other bowl games for the teams that are not chosen. NCAA and the schools will still be making the money they were in the BCS era.

1A College Football Playoff — I think that there should be a playoff in Division 1A College Football! The NCAA should seed the top 32 teams in a 5 week playoff, and that Bowls be included as neutral sites, and the top Bowls (Rose, Orenge, ect,,) alternate the Championship Site? That leaves the other 32 teams for the N.I.T. College Football Playoffs? What I’m saying is, that there should be 2 playoffs in 1A Football of 32 teams each? Let’s Do it!!

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