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No Rematch Required

Ohio State secured a berth in the National Championship Game on Saturday, defeating Michigan, and becoming the stand alone, unquestioned leader of the pack. It was not controversial, nor disputed. By winning the game, Ohio State knocked out the second challenger from the number two position this year. Now, with Michigan relegated to a one loss team, in the same ranks with USC, Florida, and Arkansas, none of which have had the chance to play Ohio State, yet some members of the media are calling for an Ohio State vs. Michigan rematch in the Championship Game.

Maybe they have forgotten that last year, they were all happy because there was an undisputed national champion, and in the past, they have not been so happy. A rematch gives Michigan ample chance to beat Ohio State and make it a complete toss up for national champion honors. If you want rematches, go watch baseball. In football, you get one chance, and Michigan did not come through. Now it is somebody else’s turn to take a shot at Ohio State.

Really, the SEC Champion should hold the right to that spot. USC’s loss is not as legitimate as those of Florida and Arkansas. But of course there is a loophole: Arkansas’ lone loss is to USC. So how does each team ultimately get to the National Championship game?

USC: They simply must beat Notre Dame and hope that Florida is not too impressive against Florida State and Arkansas. They also must hope that the voters get over their rematch fever.

Florida: Frankly, if they can get through that schedule with only one loss, and win the SEC Championship Game over Arkansas, the Gators should go to Glendale to face the Buckeyes, but the voters seem to want to snub the SEC for reasons that are beyond me. These guys are a victim of preseason polls favoring USC.

Arkansas: Likewise, their schedule merits a shot at the title if they can win the SEC. They still have to beat LSU and win the SEC Championship Game to have a shot at the National Title. It would help them if Notre Dame squeaked out a victory over USC. The BCS computers are very impressed by Arkansas, and they could pull it out over Michigan by that.

Michigan: Sit and wait. Lots of sloppy games from the other contenders could give them a shot to completely explode the system. I wish they could just be happy with the Rose Bowl.

Notre Dame: Even the Golden Domers have an outside chance at this one. However, they must completely obliterate USC in LA, and hope Arkansas loses to LSU, then beats Florida. Then they need the computers and voters to go wacko over their win at USC and put them ahead of a Michigan team that trounced them earlier in the season. Would any other team in the world have a chance at this? No, but everyone knows that the NCAA wears Notre Dame gear, so anything is possible.

So, with that, here are my BCS Bowl Projections as it should be, not necessarily how it will be.

Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. USC
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs. Notre Dame
Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Boise State
National Championship Game: Ohio State vs. Florida

No playoff, nor rematch is needed, just a little common sense.

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Spacing Is there some way you can space out the last little bit of your story? Or maybe make the teams bold? It just looks a little crunched together to me.

It’s a very good story, and that’s the only problem I see with it.

nice I pretty much agreed with everything in the article, especially the SEC love. As a Florida fan, I would be mad if we went 12-1 and missed out on the national title.

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