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Do the Right Thing by Matt Waters

I’m sick of it. The absolute contempt that the media holds against Barry Bonds is descending into the depths of pathetic spectacle.

Does anyone else actually see what the hell is going on here? Are we all just mutually pleading ignorance?
Wake up. Tons of MLB players were juicing in the nineties, Bonds was only attempting to keep up with his artificially enhanced peers. Does this make him an innocent victim entrapped by a corrupt system? Of course not, it makes him a man insecure enough to doubt his own immense talent, almost aloof in his utter unawareness to the consequences of his indefensible actions.

But we know that already. We get it. Stop obsessing over Babe Ruth, or more accurately 714. Is Babe Ruth defined by 714, or remembered as an imperfect savior of a perfect game? Insinuating that the Babe’s legacy is tarnished exclusively through his association with another in the record books is idiocy, and it actually degrades Ruth. Is his legend weak enough, that Barry Bonds could assault it, lessen it?

Barry Bonds will never touch Babe Ruth as a player. Could he pitch? Does he out-homer entire teams?

The lynch mob exuberance exhibited in attacking Bonds is rather depressing, and I cast an eye of pity toward all the sports-writers who foolishly defame Barry only to establish themselves as laughable guardians of a justified existence. Hey guys, if Barry Bonds can cause you to question the moral integrity of what you do, writing about the game, than quit. If one man can cause such doubt, expressed only in empty anger, give me your job and salary. If not, grow up. You’re not ten years old, these guys aren’t heroes. Get the hell over it.

Am I suggesting ignoring Bonds, am I pleading a black out of his every activity? No, my real concern resides with the unbelievable ignorance being expressed by supposed writing heavyweights. They attack Bonds, leaving Garry Sheffield mysteriously without tarnish, despite an apparently equal involvement in the Balco Scandal. They ignore Sheffield because he isn’t chasing a hollow number. They need to get over these arbitrary numbers. They don’t matter. It should always be about the overall integrity of the game.

Sheffield’s error in judgment wasn’t as severe?

It’s almost as if they are solidifying their alibis, their anti-steroid stance encapsulated through the fury futilely expressed towards one singular man. Bonds will retire, evaporate out of the public eye, and a new target will be acquired. The beat will go on. Absolutely nothing will change.

How about this, a question I pose toward our all representing, all encompassing American Media: CAN YOU DO THE RIGHT THING? Can you seek out and expose the entire corrupt system that shaped Barry Bonds, instead of playing a ridiculously easy game of piñata? Can you investigate other sports leagues, instead of preening and posturing toward the NFL, and actually attempt an investigation on how exactly the human body can naturally survive 17 weeks of violent abuse? Can you at last, reclaim a lost status of credibility, instead of solidifying an established reputation of pathetic, group badgering and bullying?

Perhaps I should just stop wasting time asking rhetorical questions.

By mw2828

Matt Waters is a screenwriter currently living in New York. He has been writing about sports since age seventeen, about the time when it became painfully apparent that his athletic dreams would go unfulfilled, due to terrible luck and an obscene lack of talent. His favorite movie is “The Thin Red Line”. His favorite band is “Modest Mouse”. His favorite sport is baseball! With an exclamation point.

3 replies on “Do the Right Thing by Matt Waters”

interesting points What I want to know is why nobody cares anymore that Jason Giambi took steroids. Just because he admitted it doesn’t make his actions any better. Why is everyone campaigning for an asterisk beside Bonds’ totals when McGwire’s and Sosa’s are obviously just as tainted? The real homerun records are Roger Maris’ 61 and Hank Aaron’s 755. Until Pujols or whoever else breaks those, they will remain the true, untainted records.

Two issues I think nobody points out Giambi because he came out, admitted his mistake, and kept going.  I think we all understand what it means to be flawed.  There are very few real heroes in the U.S. anymore.  JFK was the most loved president in history and he was banging Marilyn Monroe on the side.  We accept some faults.

The problem with Bonds is that he was such a jerk to everyone for so many years of his career that the sportswriters are taking the chance to hit back at him.   Sportswriters are supposed to be impartial and professional but they are only human.   You can only be slapped in the face so many times by someone before you think “I can’t wait till he gets his”.  And well, this is Barry’s turn to get his.

What Goes Around Comes Around 2 go along with what you just said Vin, a former high school “friend” of Barry said he was the type of a guy who would make fun of the disabled kids as they struggled through the halls. What a hero. I just think scapegoats are never good, even if you’re dealing with such a person as Barry.

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