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Forget About Someone?

Fantasy baseball insiders think they’re so smart writing articles about Chris Shelton after he went on a streak praising him. Did anybody know Shelton was gonna have a streak. NO. The only reason I went through the trouble of drafting him was because he was mentioned as number 16 in the top 30 1st basemen in baseball in a sports illustrated I read. In fact, go back in time and you probably won’t see an article about him on most fantasy sites until he hit his first or second homerun. Here’s someone else they still haven’t recognized.  One of the few “project” players that was mentioned in the book ‘Money Ball’, Nick Swisher is a 25-year-old outfielder/firstbaseman for the Oakland A’s. He has two years of experience and is currently the A’s starting first baseman. He is also the less popular clone of Chris Shelton. Shelton too is 25, has two years of experience and is a starting first baseman. But somehow, Swisher failed to get on the top 50 outfielders listed in that same magazine.

  I guess the writer failed to look at how just last year Swisher had more, runs, doubles, homeruns, runs batted in, and base on balls than Shelton. Oh, and a better on base percentage. Other than that they are pretty much the same. They weigh only one pound different from each other and they’re salaries are only 10,000$ apart. But for some odd reason, I never hear about Swisher and have the name Chris Shelton permanently branded into my brain. It’s angering that a player could have better stats another but still not be recognized because the other player is more popular.

  What Shelton did on his streak Swisher matched and excelled. So what Shelton hit 9 homers?! Swisher did that in less at-bats and struck out 8 less times than he did. Even though the RBI is a very overrated stat that doesn’t actually show what a player can do, Swisher had more of those too. He dosen’t have to be compared to Shelton either, he has 9 homers which is up there with Thome, Shelton, and Gomes who are all tied for the lead. Not enough for you? He also has more HR’s than Big Papi (David Ortiz) and more RBI’s than Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez combined.

Congrats to anyone lucky enough to get swisher on his or her fantasy team, or to me, the lucky little dog that bagged Swisher and Shelton and traded Shelton right before he cooled down.

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Great Story!! Great story.  Made me really think. While I don’t play fantasy I watch it a lot and Chris Shelton has been on a helluva streak.  But that streak is getting done so I would trade him.  Keep writing.  I want to read some more columns from you.

Very nice piece I liked this one a lot. Good stuff. The best way to get better is to keep doing it, and to keep practicing the fundamentals (sticking to the same topic in paragraphs, transitions, intros, conclusions, etc.).

One thing that helps me is to have someone else read my writing back to me, while I listen. You’d be surprised about the amount of mistakes you can catch. If you don’t have someone to read to you, then you can SLOWLY read it into a tape recorder and listen that way.

The reason that reading/editing at the same time is less effective is because your mind often processes what you MEANT to write, instead of what is actually on the page.

Keep it up! Really good stuff!!

Yes Swish! Swisher is awesome. Shelton is overrated…it’s called a hot streak. People shouldn’t be getting so excited about him. RBI is not an overrated stat and actually DOES show what a player can do. Also, don’t make Swisher look better than Big Papi, Damon, or Manny, because it’s too early in the season to make those kinds of comments. Good article overall though.

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