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Thomas Kills the Knicks Once Again

By David J Cohen

In another “brilliant” move by New York Knicks General Manager Isaiah Thomas, the Knicks acquired G/F Jalen Rose and a first round pick from Toronto for F Antonio Davis. At first glance, it seems as if Isaiah Thomas has manufactured a highway robbery in favor of the Knicks. However, a closer look shows that the Knicks are following a familiar road toward more seasons of mediocrity.
When Andy Katz of ESPN informed me about the trade (I am not making this up), I was startled at first but then realized the negative repercussions of the trade. Jalen Rose is no longer a star in the NBA and has serious attitude problems when it comes to relinquishing the “go-to guy” role. This will create an immediate clash between himself and starting G Stephon “not so much of a star” Marbury. Larry Brown preaches that a good NBA team should “play the right way” and put the team above individual stardom. Guess Rose will fit in just fine.

Where Isaiah Thomas really hurt the Knicks in this trade is in the financial department. This team, already the league’s highest payroll (about $126 million) and in need of relief, takes on another huge contract that could amount to about $37 million by the end of next year.

Thus, Thomas continues his managing practice of shelling out inflated amounts of cash for over-hyped or washed up NBA players. There are plenty of examples of this on the current roster. Currently the team will have to pay SG Jamal Crawford, C Jerome James, and G/F Quentin Richardson a combined $60.2 million over the next three seasons if you include this year. F Maurice Taylor is owed $18.85 million by the end of next season. Thomas is responsible for bringing in all four of these players and their bloated salaries. This, along with the fact that the Knicks have to pay $20.7 million to retired G Allan Houston next season, means that the Knicks are now in a enormous financial deficit which will set an already struggling franchise back another 3-5 years.

To be fair to Thomas on this aspect, the Knicks have severely overpaid for players before Isaiah was hired to restore the Knicks’ prominence. The Knicks had to pay retired F Larry Johnson $27 million because of a ridiculous clause in his contract which allowed him to recuperate the large sum for medical-related retirement. The Knicks are also the only franchise in the history of sports charitable enough to accept the burden of a 3-year contract worth over $20 million to F Travis Knight, alleviating the Lakers’ pockets right in time for a championship run.

The other serious ramification of this added load of dead weight to the Knicks is that when the time comes to try to resign their young, talented players such as F Trevor Ariza, F David Lee, G Nate Robinson, and F Channing Frye, the Knicks will struggle to keep these players. Thus, a Knicks team that has desperately needed to rebuild since the 1999-2000 season will be hampered from doing such for a while longer, as Thomas continues to bring in many broken pieces in hopes that the Knicks can magically become a playoff team that gets swept in the opening round of the playoffs.

Now the health of Larry Brown is in question and it is speculated that Brown might take a leave of absence. Evaluating this team assembled by Thomas, I don’t believe Brown’s previous medical history factors into his inevitable decision. Anyone trying to turn this mess into a playoff team is asking for clogged arteries.

Maybe if Brown resigns, Thomas will pull a Pat Riley and try to coach the team himself. Then he will witness firsthand how he has single-handedly deprecated the Knicks for the rest of the decade.

On behalf of all loyal and die-hard Knicks fans, do the right thing Isiah. RESIGN.

-to ensure details of NYK/TOR trade
-info about current players yearly salaries

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Yes Yes, BY FAR. He has now ruined three teams. The guy only trades for “his boys” with no concept of what makes a team. I know the NY media is tough on him, but the national media loses sight of what an atrocity he has made the Knicks.

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