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2006 Mets Resolutions

     With the New Year approaching every one has their New Years resolution that they will break or completely forget about come January 15th. But for the time being I’ve decided to give each Met player a New Years resolution in which they should fully oblige by in order for this 2006 season to be a memorable one.

  1. Heath Bell- To be given a chance to prove he’s able to pitch out of the bull  on a consistent basis. With last year being his first season in the big leagues that’s the least the Mets can do he showed promise in a few of his outings such as his performance in Washington on July 7th in which he got the win after pitching two innings and allowing just one hit. In college he was a part time close, so he has the mentality to come out of the bull pen, with a lack of arms the least the Mets can do is give him a chance.
  2. Kris Benson- To remain in New York. Now this is more of a wish or desire than resolution and one Benson would make rather than me. But honestly who could picture Anna surviving in a small town market. At time he has pitched tremendous such as his performance in San Diego when he went 8 1/3 innings giving up just 3 hits. He is definitely above average number 3 starter. But if the price is right, Anna and Kris could be sent packing to Boston which wouldn’t be all that bad for either of them.
  3. Chad Bradford- To learn how to pitch against left handed hitters. Lefties have averaged .328 against him over the past three seasons. If he doesn’t realize why lefties see him so well he is still great against righties and should be used primarily as a righty specialist. Righties have managed just a .214 average against him. He has worked with Rick Peterson in the past and knows what should be expected for him to succeed.
  4. Bartolome Fortunato- To learn how he managed to go 7-0 with a 2.57 ERA in 13 appearances for the Devil Rays in a Dominican summer league after converting from the outfield. Chances are he won’t be on the big league roster come April but there’s always hope.
  5. Tom Glavine- To do what he’s done over the course of his career. Met fans have come to appreciate Glavine much more now that he is the number 2 rather than the ace and the pressure is off him. Glavine helped in the recruiting of Billy Wagner and that’s a greater contribution than anything he could do on the field.
  6. Aaron Heilman- To accept his role as a set up man. Heilman would be great in the starting rotation but due to financial obligations he is seen as a set-up man and the role fit him great last year. As a set-up man he would be far more valuable to the Mets than a closer. From September 6th to September 30th, Heilman pitched in 16 and a third innings in 10 appearances allowing just 1 earned run while compiling 4 saves. He would be such a good set-up man it’d be a shame to see him go unless both Lugo and Baez are in the return package.
  7. Philip Humber- To come back from the Tommy John Surgery stronger than he was before, which would definitely open up a spot for him come June. Humber was the third overall pick of the 2004 draft. Unfortunately he will have to sit out the year so this is more of a 2007 based resolution.
  8. Pedro Martinez- To be Pedro and lead the Mets to the NL East title. Hopefully Pedro’s toe heals and he is able to go come Opening Day. He is behind schedule in terms of what he normally does during the off season, lets pray he stays out of the World Baseball Classic and comes ready for the ’06 season. Lets get the first perfect game for the Mets franchise out of him too this year, that’s not too much to ask.
  9. Juan Padilla- To prove to Willie and the rest of the management that he is capable of coming out of the bull pen and retiring batters without the need for every one to hold their breath. Padilla went 3-1 with a 1.49 ERA last year giving up a total of 6 earned runs in his 24 appearances. If Heilman leaves Padilla should be given a chance to be the set-up man until of course he fails, that’s New York.
  10. Royce Ring- To figure out how to pitch in the daytime. This sounds weird and it is but Ring’s ERA in night games was 3.86 while in Day games it was an astronomical 13.50. Maybe the artificial lighting benefits his mechanics, just kidding. Whatever the case is lets hope this problem, I guess, is resolved and Ring is able to pitch at the MLB level.
  11. Jae Seo- To start. Seo proved he was more than able to start last year and deserved it over Victor Zambrano. Seo went 8-2 with a 2.59 ERA and at one stretch during the year was our best pitcher. The back to back outings against the Dodgers and the Nationals in which he went 8 innings and got the win should’ve solidified him as at least the 5th man. Good luck Jae.
  12. Steve Trachsel- To remain healthy for the entire season.and solidify himself as a quality starter. Trachsel is most notably remembered for being the pitcher who gave up Mark McGwire’s 62nd home run rather than the Mets pitcher with the most wins over the previous two seasons excluding last year. Although his career record is below .500 he eats up innings as an end of the rotation type of guy, good luck to Steve.
  13. Billy Wagner- To prove he’s worth all the cash he just received. Wagner has been a great closer for his entire career, and pitching in Philadelphia, New York should be no different. The Mets haven’t had a consistent closer since Armando Benetiz who chocked under pressure. Wagner has 284 career saves and it’d be nice to get over that 300 plateau early on in the season.
  14. Victor Zambrano- To unleash all of that, “untapped potential.” Rick Peterson claimed he could’ve fixed you in a matter of minutes, those are some awfully long minutes. When Zambrano is not struggling with his control he is a good pitcher, but more often than not control is his problem. In his career he has walked 371 batters in 662 innings compared to 498 strike outs. The outing in Arizona in which Zambrano went 8 innings, giving up 6 hits, and just one run proved how good at times he could be. Hopefully he will be able to work out of the bul and not take up a rotation spot.
  15. Ramon Castro- To see some playing time. Castro proved to be reliable when he filled in for Piazza last year, and Pedro liked him so much as to have him as his personal catcher, before the media caught on. Hopefully he remains in shape and plays well when Lo Duca is rested.
  16. Paul Lo Duca- To hit .285. That is Lo Duca’s career batting average and if he hovers around that mark the Mets should be in good shape. Lo Duca bat is versatile as he might bat any where from 2-6 in the lineup. Although his power numbers are never high, his on base percentage is always over .300 which is pretty good for a catcher.
  17. Carlos Delgado- To prove he’s dedicated to winning. Delgado has often spoken of how dedicated he is to winning, but his teams have not gone any where. If he remains healthy and provides the power numbers that he has year in and year out the Mets should be considered contenders this year. Delgado has 369 career home runs and it’d be nice to see him get to 400 this year.
  18. Julio Franco- To keep on playing. Franco was in the majors before some of his teammates were born. He is 47 years old and is looking to play until he is 50. Franco provides leadership and experience to this youthful Met team and will be a reliable back up for Delgado when in need of a rest or healing an injury.
  19. Anderson Hernandez- To win the starting second base job. Now I don’t know if I want him or Jeff Keppinger but any one over Kazuo Matsui.  Hernandez got called up in September and recorded just one hit but in Triple A he hit .303 and .326 in Double-A. His defense is even better.
  20. Jeff Keppinger- To win the starting second base job. Again its similar to Anderson Hernandez. Keppinger was given his shot at the big league level in 2004 when he had a .284 average in 116 at bats. He would’ve been called up last year but he fractured his knee and missed the remainder of the season. His bat is intriguing and he rarely strikes out, he would provide above average offensive numbers for a second basemen.
  21. Kazuo Matsui- To live? Yes that does sound weird, but over at you can view the Kazuo Matsui petition. To make a long story short, in his Japanese custom suicide is often practiced when one disgraces himself or his family as Kaz Matsui is. Check out for great met information.
  22. Jose Reyes- To continue to improver, maybe All-Star this year? Reyes hit .273 last year with a league leading 60 stolen bases. As long as he remains healthy and continues to improve defensively and continues to become a more patient player he has all the tools to be an All-Start. Hopefully in the off season he’s worked hard to improve his game.
  23. Jose Valentin- To regain his 2000-2004 form. During those years he hit over 25 homeruns each year and had over 100 RBI in all but 2002 when he finished with 99 RBI. Valentin will not put up those numbers as he will be used as a utility man but proportional stats would be great. He has some big shoes to fill as the Mets were very deep off the bench last year.
  24. Chris Woodward- To provide spark off the bench. Woodward will be another utility man who can play nearly every position out there on the field. He hit .283 last year in 173 at bats. Fielding wise he has never been a problem and will be a solid utility man.
  25. David Wright- To lead the Mets offensively. If Wright can accomplish this feat hopefully his numbers are mind boggling. Wright has all the tools to be an All-Star in this league, and most importantly he plays with heart. Him and Reyes still enjoy the game and its great to see the two of them on the left side of the infield having fun. If Wright’s defense improves and his offense continues to flourish he will be an All-Star third basemen and you can count on that.
  26. Carlos Beltran- To play up to expectations in New York. His physical skills have never been questioned as many scouts view him as the next great 5 tool player. But his psychological abilities have been questioned considering he had never played in a big market. Last year was a less than average year for Beltran and hopefully with the new acquisitions the spotlight will be off Beltran and he will feel more comfortable in his role as just another guy rather than the guy.
  27. Endy Chavez- To hit over .250. Last year was a below average year for Chavez who hit just .216 compared to his career average of .259. Chavez will have spot starts in the outfield, mainly against left handers and will be another left handed bat off the bench. Surprisingly Chavez has a career .381 average against lefties compared to that of .179 against right handers, he is just another option for Willie Randolph.
  28. Victor Diaz- To compete for the right field position. Right now most people have given that spot to Xavier Nady but Diaz should be given a shot. Diaz hit .257 last year and was reliable during Mike Cameron’s absence.
  29. Cliff Floyd- To improve and learn from 2005. 2005 was a good year for Floyd as he asserted himself as a clubhouse leader on and off the field. On the field he had his best season as a Met and a career best since 2001 with the Marlins. Floyd hit 34 HR and drove in 98 RBI, this will most likely be Floyd’s last season as a Met, lets make it a memorable one.
  30. Xavier Nady- To win the right field spot. Nady has been given the spot by the Media but not necessarily the coach. Nady hit .261 last year and is more than aware that his purpose was to trim salary. Hopefully Nady is productive in the right field spot to fill the void left by Mike Cameron’s departure. His roster spot is not set in stone as moves could easily be on the way.
  31. Tiki Redman- To give the Mets more speed and defensive ability off the bench. Redman has a career .277 average and 33 stolen bases. Him and Endy Chavez seem to be Randolph’s lefty options off the bench.

     Let 2006 be a year to remember, if all Mets fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions. The Mets have a solid team right now with a few more moves to be made they can really make a run at it all. Management has made some decisions that have been questioned by fans and media alike, and will hopefully turn out for the better. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all. Ya Gotta Believe 2006 Mets

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