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Jaguars could start becoming a threat

After Jacksonville’s thrashing of Baltimore by a score of 30-3, the Jaguars show that they could really be a legitimate threat this year.  The reason why they really could become a legitimate threat is……they have shown an ability that we have basically not seen or heard of since December 23, 2001.  That ability is to score a heck of a lot of points.  I know that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were not able to go for the game, but the Ravens do still have a pretty good defense.  Not to mention that the Jaguars had a one-hundred yard rusher in the game against the Ravens.  And believe it or not but that one-hundred yard rusher was not a man named Fred Taylor.  That rusher has a name of Greg Jones.  This guy has been getting it done out there on the ground lately.  But with somebody that not many have heard of just think of the damage Fred Taylor is going to do against some fairly weak teams when he returns to healthy status.  

It is pretty obvious though that the Jaguars are going to make the playoffs as of now.  And if you don’t agree with that, then just look at the upcoming schedule that the Jaguars are going to play.  The only team that has a winning record is the undefeated Indianapolis Colts, who the Jaguars will host on the Jags own field.  

The question now is can the Jaguars do any damage this year.  I know that the playoffs are a bit away, but I still can’t see how the Jags can be stopped as they will most likely go to the playoffs.  They have had the defense that they need for a pretty long while now, with Stroud and Henderson stopping the run.  It also seems that the defensive backs are getting it done out there as well.  The big question though, is can the Jaguars produce anything on offense.  The spark that the offense showed today told me that they are on a run to great things.  

In the game against Houston, the Jaguars cameback to score two touchdowns to go on to win.  And ever since they have scored those touchdowns, they seem to have caught fire.  In the game against the Texans, I believe Byron Leftwich went 11/11.  Ever since that performance, Byron has down well going 16/30, 211 yards, and a touchdown pass with no interceptions against the Ravens.  If the Jaguars can keep this streak up on offense, these guys may be a team that will not be wanted to be reckoned with come playoff time.  Most teams will probably start looking at their schedules and will be hoping that they don’t have Jacksonville on it.

As the Jaguars will grow and learn to become a better offensive team, they will be a threat to many.  The defense is already one of the best, but just think how good this team will be when the offense starts putting up points like their 30 points that they put up against the Ravens.  Look out, these guys get better and better as every Sunday passes by.  These Jacksonville Jaguars will become a legitimate threat to many teams.

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comment The reason I abstained is because you wrote an article about how the Jaguars are going to be a threat already! “How bout them Jacksonville Jaguars?” I believe it was called.

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