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Heisman Watch 9th Edition

The Heisman race is getting bigger than ever. The top candidates are going to have to do everything in their ability to play amazing. The front-runners are getting more and more coverage and as the season comes down the back stretch, we could be watching one of the best Heisman races in recent history.1. Vince Young, QB, Texas, Jr.

Once again I have Vince Young at number one in my Heisman watch. The race between him and Reggie Bush is really close but I feel that for another straight week Young edges out Bush. Young consistently has played excellent and that’s one of the most important parts of being a Heisman Contender. Week in and week out, Vince plays at a very high level, an essential part of his contention. Last week, Texas dominated while Vince threw for 281 yards and 4 touchdowns. I feel like I’m saying this every week but Vince has proven he can throw the ball and pass the ball. Anyone who says Young can’t pass the ball well, hasn’t seen any of his games. Every week he silences the critics and is beginning to become the front-runner in various Heisman polls all over the country.

2. Matt Leinart, QB, USC, Sr.

Starting the season Matt Leinart had a bit of a beard going on. He began to play unlike his usual self and later shaved it off. I guess it did the trick because he has slowly but surely been doing it for USC and showing people the reason why he was the Heisman Trophy winner last year. He probably has had less ballroom dancing homework. That ballroom dancing homework is a real killer. Last week, he threw for 246 yards, threw an INT and rushed for 2 TD’s. Matt Leinart has shown that he can still do it but he will have to play better if he wants to pass Vince Young. His playmaking ability still isn’t at its best but who knows what could happen in the next couple weeks.

3. Reggie Bush, RB, USC, Jr.

While Vince Young’s consistency is keeping him in it, Reggie Bush’s is dropping his possibilities. I said last week that Reggie Bush has to have 200+ yard games yet he has done nothing of the sort. Last week, he rushed 17 times for 82 yards and a four yard catch. A lot of people are wondering what’s wrong with Reggie Bush. Opposing teams are containing him and so far it hasn’t hurt them. Bush’s consistency could hurt USC when they play UCLA and/or possibly a national championship. Bush could be dropping faster than an anvil in water if he continues to play just up to par.

4. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame, Jr.
 Brady has placed himself in Notre Dame school history by passing Jarious Jackson’s single season passing mark of 2,753 yards. Last week he added to his season total by passing for 284 yards, 4 TD’s and an INT. Even though Quinn is at number 4, he still has a realistic shot at winning the Heisman. With the numbers he’s putting up, who knows where he will end up at the end of the season. He’s been the most integral part of Notre Dame’s offense and is the true leader of the Fighting Irish. With Brady’s stock rising, we could see some movement in this Heisman Watch.

5. Jerome Harrison, RB, Washington State, Sr.

Jerome has really impressed me the last few weeks. He has emerged has one of the most productive backs in college football. Jerome hasn’t got as much coverage as the other candidates but I think that he still deserves to be in the Heisman Watch as any of those other guys. Last week, he rushed 28 times for 143 yards with 1 TD and caught 4 passes for 38 yards. He is one of the bright spots of Washington State and has been really important to them. He was not expected to this much of a force in college football but it just showed what you can do when you set your mind to something.

Outside looking in:

Maurice Drew, RB, UCLA, Jr.
Maurice has really quieted down lately. Last week, he only rushed for 88 yards on 23 rushes and 2 catches for 25 yards. He needs to get back that playmaking ability if he wants to get back in this and beat USC at the end of the season.

Michael Robinson, QB, Penn State, Sr.
M-Rob has had quite a season this year. He’s leading a young team to a possible BCS bid and doing better than he’s ever done before. He’s getting noticed and could possibly get invited to New York City to be one of the five hopefuls sitting in the front row.

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