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NFL Week 4 Picks October 2nd 2005

[These are the 2005 Picks. Get the Week 3 2006 Picks here.]

Last week was a bounce back week after a disappointing start. Overall, we went 40-16 or 71%. In contrast, the ESPN experts only got 64% right. We’re looking to stay hot this week so here we go with the week 4 lineup.

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Week 4 Picks

MATCHUP Vegas Vinny Teri Berg BostonMac Trevor F
Bills-Saints Saints Saints Saints Bills
Broncos-Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars
Lions-Bucs Lions Bucs Bucs Bucs
Texans-Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Colts-Titans Colts Colts Colts Colts
Chargers-Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Seahawks-Skins Seahawks Redskins Seahawks Redskins
Rams-Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants
Jets-Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens
Cowboys-Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
Vikings-Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Eagles-Chiefs Chiefs Eagles Chiefs Chiefs
Niners-Cards Niners Niners Niners Niners
Packers-Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Prev Week 10-4 (.714) 11-3 (.786) 11-3 (.786) 8-6 (.571)
Overall 25-21 (.543) 26-20 (.565) 27-19 (.587) 27-19 (.587)
LOCKS 1-2 0-3 1-2 2-1

Locks of the Week

Vegas Vinny: Last week, I screwed myself by picking the Bengals on the podcast and then mixing it up and taking the Panthers. There’s no way I’m doing that this week. I’m going with the Raiders (-3) as they get their first win of the season. The Raiders have been playing good ball, they just had a terrible schedule. Meanwhile, in Dallas, the guy they brought in to shore up their secondary, Anthony Henry, got torched by Tim Rattay and Brandon Lloyd. Collins and Moss are a slight step up. Look for Oakland’s passing game (ranked 3rd) to go to town on the Cowboys secondary like Tara Reid does to a whiskey and crystal meth cocktail. It ain’t gonna be pretty folks.

Teri Berg: This is my Why-the-Heck-Not pick this week, since the Niner’s godawful defense (dead last in the league in total D, and now without CB Ahmed Plummer) will face QB Josh McCown — on neutral territory — instead of the injured Kurt Warner (groin). Both teams have nonexistent running games — more head-scratching for Arizona, given all the hype about rookie J.J. Arrington in the preseason. Arrington’s rushed for 14 total yards in 13 carries so far, and sat out versus the Rams with the flu — not exactly tearing it up here. Niners coach Mike Nolan shook up his secondary this week, after losing to Dallas — and who knows? Might help. Certainly couldn’t hurt. While I don’t think SF is going to have a breakout season this year, given their moxie versus St. Louis and Dallas, I don’t see why they can’t pull off a win in Mexico City. Niners (+3)

BostonMac: It’s always risky to pick a team giving two scores as your lock of the week, but I see the Bengals (possibly the best team in the league right now) crushing the Texans, who might be the worst team in the National Football League. The Texans will be dealing with the “Curse of Chris Palmer”, while the Bengals D leads the NFL with 16 takeaways. The offense has only committed 4 turnovers for a league-best +12 over/under. Granted it was against Kyle Orton, but the D did make 5 interceptions last week vs the Bears. Finally, Marvin Lewis has a top-quality defense to go with his big-play but balanced offense. People might soon be thinking Odell Thurman and Deltha O’Neal when they think of Cincy, as well as Palmer and the two Johnsons. Look for Cincy (-10) to win big and cover.

Trevor F: For the 49ers to be getting three points is ludicrous. Since this game is
on a neutral field, that means the oddsmakers think Arizona is the better team. Well, I don’t. The 49ers should be 2-1 right now. They had Dallas beat and coughed it up at the end. Is that upsetting? Absolutely, but the 49ers come out fired up and take care of business because of that
loss. Especially with Josh McCown starting at quarterback for Arizona this week. Niners (+3)

8 replies on “NFL Week 4 Picks October 2nd 2005”

Teri Berg Who is she, and where did she come from, and how can you be 0-3 for your locks! Yes your Lock of the week!

She came from … I’m from Ohio, as a matter of fact, Mr. CleBrowns79. Sandusky. Just 50 or so miles west of that stinkhole on the Cuyahoga.

As far as my locks: Gimme a break. If you hadn’t noticed, “locks” is defined as upset games on Sportscolumn — NOT, as the jargon of betting dictates, as a sure thing.

Berg I don’t see anything wrong with her…she made good picks last week and just missed on three upset picks. No worries. She’s still above .500!

at this rate I’m going to have to change it to “Bet Against this Pick of the Week”

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