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Impressed- depressed- and neutral- our feelings after college football’s week 3

So who were we impressed or depressed with after week 3 of college football’s 2005 season? IMPRESSED, DEPRESSED AND NEUTRAL AFTER WEEK 3 OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL


The Gators are a high-powered offence that can score at will. But could they hold up against Tennesee’s running game and one of the country’s best defenses? 66 yards of total Vol rushing offence and a 17-9 victory later, the answer’s a pretty firm “Yes”.

Michigan State

QB Drew Stanton’s 327 yards and a 3 touchdowns against an Irish defense who only gave up 10 to Michigan is pretty darn good. But upsetting them 44-41 in their home opener at South Bend was one step better. Expect Stanton & Co to become a Big Ten contender this year.

Florida State

Everyone was talking about BC knocking off FSU on Saturday night. What everyone seemed to have forgotten is that FSU’s defense have been pulling their quarterbacks and offensive coordinator out of the fire all season long.


Scoring 4 TDs in 246 yards of offence- in 1.32 minutes of the first quarter of a game is darned impressive, even if you are USC. Heck, we should put Arkansas on the “Impressed” list for keeping the score under 100- the Trojans did score 70, though.


Beating Oklahoma wasn’t a massive upset considering how badly the Sooners have been playing over the last two weeks. But slapping them 41-24? This team might just live up to the hype Sports Illustrated’s been giving QB Drew Olsen (28 for 38, 314 yards, 3 TDs) after all.


Holy crap! The Commodores are 3-0! As long as it lasts, we’re sticking these perennial SEC whipping boys in the “Impressed” section until they revert to normality and start losing again.



OK, so they limited one of the best offences in college football to 17 points. But then again, Eric Ainge, Rick Clausen, and the rest of the Tennessee offence could only put up 9 in The Swamp. If LSU do the same to Philip Fulmer’s men on Saturday in Baton Rouge, expect Vol Nation to be 1-2 and out of the top ten.

Penn State

Freshman wideout Deon Butler is outrageously good. The Nittany Lions defense is awesome. And they are 3-0. But when they hit Minnesota in Week 5, we’ll see how happy the Valley is with Michael Robinson. And after the Gophers? They’ve got Ohio State and Michigan in back-to-back-to-back weeks. Ouch.

Virginia Tech

The way Marcus Vick’s taken over this team is a definite eye-opener, even if he’s from the same gene pool as Michael. But what’s even more striking is that the Hokies’ D has only given up 16 points all year. Things should change when Miami heads up there on November 5th.



They played their balls off for the past 3 weeks against three good teams (Texas A&M, Maryland, Miami), and finished with a record of 2-1 (1-1 ACC). Charlie Whitehurst led the team AGAIN, showing the goods with 2 TDs and 288 yards of passing. And then overtime hit, and then Charlie showed us the bads with his triple overtime interception. Hey, we’re putting Clemson in because we’re feeling depressed FOR the Tigers.

Notre Dame

When your team puts up nearly 600 yards of total offence and scores 41 points, you’d expect it to win. Especially against unranked Michigan State. 44 points, 488 yards, and an overtime later, and it’s ballgame Spartans. Things should get easier for the Irish at brutal Washington next week.


0-3 Pitt have officially got Wanstedtitis. It’s a disease commonly known as losing. The defense got their act together against Nebraska (276 yards, 1 TD), but their kicker didn’t.


Whilst UCLA’s thumping of OU might not have been the surprise that it would have been pre-TCU, the WAY they lost was surprising. Rhett Bomar fumbled the ball FOUR times, and Adrian Peterson got limited to an anemic 58 yards. Do not be surprised if 2-0 Kansas State worsen the Sooners’ record to 1-3.

Tennessee fans

Normally we limit our “depressed” list to teams, but after hearing a Tennessee fan loudly complaining about the fact that he couldn’t get a hotel in Baton Rouge for UT’s clash with LSU on the 24th because of “damned Katrina survivors”, we felt a little sick. So imagine our nauseous feeling when we discovered that thousands of UT fans felt the same.

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