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Bears Offense Still Offensive

   As a die-hard, devout Chicago Bears fan, I am beginning  to wonder when this franchise will ever pull themselves out of the purgatory they call an offense.     If you are a Bears fan, didn’t watching this Sunday’s 9-7 loss at the hands of the Washington Redskins remind you of so many years past? This year was supposed to be better. It was supposed to be different.
     Sure, on paper, its a whole lot different. New coordinator, check. New starting wideouts, check. Two new starters on the much maligned offensive line, with 2 others back from injury, check. New QB, who even though is a rookie, is a major upgrade over the likes of Craig Krenzel, and Jonathan Quinn, check.  
     Same results as many years past, check! It seems, sometimes, as if Joe Montana could put on Bears uniform, and that position still would not succeed for this franchise.
     They put up 166 total yards of offense in the entire game vs. the Redskins Sunday afternoon, which for many offenses in the NFL, is a a decent half of football. This should be a complete embarrassment for this storied franchise, yet they continue to appear as if they are playing under-water on offense.
     I really want to sit here and say to myself, “don’t worry, it’s going to get better this year”, but then I realize, I have been saying that for the last 8 years. I can only find the same silver lining in each losing season so many times; HIGH DRAFT PICK.
     But even then, when they seem to pick an offensive player with a first or second round pick, it has not worked out well for the Bears.
     Take 1998 for example. The Bears chose Curtis Enis with the 5th overall pick, when they stayed away from a “troublesome” Randy Moss, who fell to the Vikings at #21. Or how about in the much talked about QB class of 1999, when the Bears chose Cade McNown, over a guy named Daunte Culpepper.
     Sidenote to that McNown pick. Former offense coordinator Gary Crowton proclaimed before the draft that McNown was the most “game ready” QB of the class. He also said that Culpepper’s hands were too small, and that he didnt think he had the knowledge to run his spread offense, which after one game, was labeled as a “gimmick, high school offense” by then Chiefs coach Gunther Cunnigham. Actually, now that I think of it, that seems to be a perfect fit for McNown, who allienated his teamates with his lack of preparation during game week, and aloof attitude.
     These botched picks seem trivial at the moment, but the reality is, is that they have crippled this organization. Until recently, they never really opened up their wallets to bring in big name free agents. And when they do, aside from snagging Muhsin Muhammad, and John Tait these past offseasons, it’s usually defensive players. Players like Brian Cox, Phillip Daniels, and, dare I say, Thomas Smith, who have signed big money deals with the Bears, only to have under-performed with the franchise and just make the hole even bigger.
     This year appears to be another season of building for the Bears, as they once again try to find their stride on offense. It is a shame too, because when the season is over, I believe their defense will be playoff calibur. But with an offense light years behind, playoffs seem a bit far fetched.
     After 1 game, I know it seems a bit premature to start to panic this year, but in reality, it has really been 8 seasons of the same result: offensive offense.

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