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Does Owens punch Philly’s Super Bowl ticket?

Terrell Owens arrives in Philly to play alongside McNabb and replace the likes of butterfingers Pinkston and Thrash. Will Owens be enough to push Philly over the hump and lead them to Super Bowl glory?     The recent acquisition of all star wide receiver Terrell Owens pieced together the final part of the jigsaw puzzle in Philadelphia. A team that a few weeks ago were washed up and hung out to dry now has a silver lining in this cloud of black smoke. Owens without a doubt enhances the Eagles depth at the receiver position but the underlying question that precedes it is by how much and will it be enough.

When you break down the Eagles squad the last two seasons, the years they made their run at the NFC Championship, you will most likely discover that they lacked a purely dominant player at any position whether it be on offense or defense. Philly’s lack of depth, in my opinion, was the main contributor to their unsuccessful playoff runs. Now, finally McNabb has someone he can rely on every week to consistently rack up the big numbers.

Owens wasn’t the only big name, big mouthed player signed by the Eagles this off season. Pro Bowl defensive end Jevon Kearse was also picked up in the midst of all this mayhem. Jevon Kearse provides the well needed upgrade at the defensive end position and reenergizes this already exuberant and potent defense. His vivaciously keen anticipation and premier pass rushing skills week in and week out make him a logical acquisition for Philly fans.

Another mid March pickup that will improve the Eagles defense is Dhani Jones. Jones moves over to Philly from the archrival Giants. He adds flexibility at the linebacker position and is a great team player to have in your locker room.

So apparently Terrell won over the judges who deciphered his free agent eligibility, but eloquently persuading his new teammates in Philadelphia may call for more than the pom-poms and the sharpie.

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TO already winning over teammates “In a recent minicamp practice, McNabb hooked up with Owens for a long touchdown, prompting teammates and Eagles scouts to cheer. Tight end Chad Lewis pulled Owens aside. “‘He told me he hasn’t seen something like that around here lately,” Owens said.”

“”No, it’s nothing like that,” Pinkston said. “He had this reputation as an ‘I-want-the-ball’ type of guy, but he hasn’t been like that at all. If you see his work ethic, you’ll know. It’s not like the reputation he had in San Francisco.” “

Eagles Owens could be exactly what Philly needs to step up offensively, but I’m not convinced that Kearse will have the same impact on the D.

As far as ability goes, Kearse rocks. The problem is, how many games can he stay healthy for?

That’s the thing though… …imagine how sick Philly will be if KEARSE and TO are healthy all year? It will be insane.

playoff runs The Eagles have actually made it to the NFC championship 3 years in a row…and with TO , it will be 4

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