Green Bay Packers

The Packers Should Move On

Move on.  Get over it.  Keep your mouth shut.  Don’t be so bitter.  This is the advice Packers fans so generously offer Brett Favre.  It seems, though, that the Packers themselves should be the ones heeding this advice.  The Packers would like everyone to believe they have moved on and gotten over the Brett Favre drama.  Their words and actions say otherwise.  Upon being questioned about Favre’s alleged coaching session with the Detroit Lions, some Packers players were quick to pass harsh judgment with complete disregard as to the story’s accuracy.  If anyone knows how quickly rumors spread within the NFL it is the players, and most players would not comment on something they know nothing about.  A team that has moved on and completely separated itself from a former controversy would not readily concern themselves with a new controversy.  A team so supposedly anxious about a media circus would not offer their services to perform as clowns in the next media circus to come to town.  Why is it that Packers’ players quickly jumped all over this, without so much as taking a breath, when they have moved on?  Why were some players so ready, willing and prepared to comment when they had already gotten over it?