Seattle Supersonics

An Open Letter to Sonics Fans

By Scott Gilmour

Dear Seattle;

First off, we would like to officially welcome you to our hell. You see, our city is a charter member of that small fraternity of places that know what it’s like to lose their team. Actually, let us rephrase that: have their team ripped away from them under the watchful eye of a short, New York-living commissioner with a law degree. More than that, we felt that we should pull you aside for a man-to-man, city-to-city talk. The kind of talk that almost certainly has to take place in an old bar over a tall pint of beer.

NHL General

I’m Sorry- You’re Sorry- Bettman Should Be Sorry

I’m sorry, you’re sorry, everyone’s sorry. It’s the same problem that has plagued this sport pretty much since the NHA days. Yes, it’s back to the old headhunting issue. This time, everyone is sorry. Randy Jones is sorry for his hit that gave Patrice Bergeron a broken nose and a concussion. Steve Downie is sorry for almost ending Dean MacAmmond’s career in the preseason. Todd Bertuzzi is still sorry for ending Steve Moore’s career a few years back, and of course, Marty McSorley is sorry for nearly decapitating Donald Brashier in 2000.