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Facebook is a secondary, not primary, news source

Gregg Doyel of has made a crusade against Twitter, and I cannot say I blame him. What is Twitter other than 140 characters of bumbling idiocy masquerading as “tweets?”

Okay, I have a Twitter account, or had, not sure anymore. I beat the fad by six months because a friend asked me to set up an account. I never used it. I’m not a hypocrite.

But for all Twitter is, it serves its purposes. It promotes news sources and the like, and blah, blah, blah.

Horse Racing

Mine That Bird No Upset Compared to Chris Antley in 1999

Mine That Bird should not have been in the Derby, flat-out had no business being there.

Shipped in from Sunland Park, a tiny B-circuit in New Mexico, after twice losing a race there. Twice.

I wrote last week on a forum, “If Bennie Woolley enters him in the Derby, he should lose his license! Permanently!”

Horse Racing

Horse Racing needs to embrace criticism

by Burton DeWitt – special to

Don’t kid yourself; you don’t care about horse racing. At the very least, you don’t care about it 362 days a year.

You might, might, watch the Kentucky Derby. Fine.

If you don’t have plans, heck, you might, might, even watch the Preakness.

And if, but only if, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners are the same, you’ll watch the Belmont Stakes. You’ll cheer for that horse, hoping he’ll win the Triple Crown.

Then, then, then what? When he loses? You’ll just forget his name.

Horse Racing

Print Media to Blame for Horse Racing’s Irrelevance

Everyone has his theory as to why horse racing has become irrelevant: it does not transplant well to television; it’s a sport for degenerates; it’s too dangerous; the tracks are poorly managed.

And you know what, each theory has a bit of truth.

But it is not the real problem.