New York Knicks

Memo To Donnie Walsh Discovered On How To Save New York Knicks

Now that Isiah Thomas has been outsourced in Europe the Knicks can get down to business. Below is the memo in its entirety.

Madison Square Garden
Two Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY 10121-0091

TO:    Donnie Walsh, President of Basketball Operations

FROM:    Brendan Suhr, Director of Player Personnel
    Patrick McDonough, Director of Accounting
    David J. Cohen, NBA Basketball Consultant

DATE:    June 3, 2008

SUBJECT:    Saving the Organization


New York Knicks

A True Role Model

To an avid basketball fan, the name “Stephon Marbury” usually generates responses along the lines of “he’s a selfish point guard who thinks it’s always about him” or “I wouldn’t want that overpaid bum on my team! All the team’s he got traded out of became contenders!”

New York Knicks

One Last Shot

The New York Knicks are wandering in NBA incognito, and the key to winning again may lie 2600 miles away in a desert scorching for more reasons than just the heat.