College Football

11-22-08 College Football Picks

Another 3-3 week for me as I still remain one game below the .500 mark.  Only a few complaints from the excuses department this week.  USC blew it!  How in the world do you let Stanford score a touchdown on the final play from scrimmage?  This cost them the spread as they only won by 22 (instead of 23).  On top of that, I will never pick a UNC football game ever again.  I feel like Butch Davis reads this column every week and tells his team to go out and make (amsteffe) cringe.  Due to time constraints this week I am going to be a little brief, so bare with me.  I owe RJ Warner a pick between the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game this week, and will hold true to my promise.

Come with me on my quest to get above .500…