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Now that Barry’s got the record- what do we do?

Now the whole Barry Bonds lovefest is over, what do we do?

I don’t know if ESPN gave you the impression that the 2007 baseball season was all about Barry Bonds, but it certainly gave me it. I live in the UK, where you can only watch one or two games a day – and one of them – almost every day of the week – were the San Francisco Giants.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great watching Bonds intimidate pitchers. And whether he’s juiced or not, seeing a home run from the San Francisco leftfielder is pretty big thing to watch. But having to watch Ryan Klesko (who last hit .300 in 2002 and last hit over over 20 homers in 2003) day after day – twinned with the Giants bullpen and the non-stop Barry conversation, is really beginning to get to me.

Heck, I’m a Yankees fan and I even had to turn the sound off to ignore Michael Kay’s constant jawing about A-Rod and Number 500.

San Francisco Giants

Breaking Down the 2007 San Francisco Giants

Could this be the first year since 1954 that the Giants take the crown?

From 1997 to 2003, the San Francisco Giants made General Manager Brian Sabean look good. Damn good. His GM skills took the Giants to seven straight winning seasons and playoff appearances, even a World Series appearance which was taken to seven games. But in the last three years, the team that was once best in the west, has taken huge steps backwards and has missed not only the playoffs, but also a winning record. Luckily for the fans of the Bay Area, the Giants play in the best ballpark in the world. So with all that money from the countless sold out games, they had the resources to make a push at the pennant this year. Here is my break down of the 2007 Giants.

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Bringing Home The Big One

by Trevor Freeman

It is 10:05 P.M. and I’m drunk.  I’m real drunk.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t banking on grammar and spell check to step it up a notch right now.  I got home at 5:30 and all I’ve been doing is rifling Yuengling. The person who said drinking never cured your problems has never tasted the beautiful amber ale that only Pottsville, Pennsylvania can produce.  

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Dance to the Music – Teams Edition

by Matt Wells

Recently, I wrote an article giving songs to some of the starting pitchers of today’s game.  Josh Towers, the now-demoted Oliver Perez, and the now-promoted Jered Weaver were just some of the names who were in sync with the songs I chose from my playlist.

So, we got relievers who enter the game to their choice of music.  We got some starters who had some songs hand-picked for them by me.  What about the teams?  (This time, I’ll go outside my playlist for a few of the songs.)

The Yankees have a song (“Here Come the Yan-kees”).  The Mets have a song (“Meet the Mets”).  What about some of the other teams?  What songs can I give them?  Read on….