NFL General

3 Funerals and a Status Quo

For everyone with a weak stomach or weak knees, this is not your entry. Come back when your team makes a great move. You can be sure this is the place for it.

Today, I’m going to be talking some smack about some of the recent hires in the NFL. By the end of it, some of you will wanna kick me in the throat. Some of you will want to rip my fingers off and feed them to the wolves. Some of you will swear up and down and post comments saying that I’m wrong, that I’m a terrible person for thinking so-and-so is going to be bad at his new coaching gig. But I want to say up front, I’m not wishing for them to do badly; it’s just that I think they’re going to be bad, and I think I’m going to be right.

But I make some points, and I’ll give you several reasons why I think the way I do on each of the following topics, and hopefully that will be enough to get you to keep coming back here…