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NFL, Retirees Remain In Tussle on Benefits

By Diane M. Grassi


Super Bowl XLIII was no better a reminder as to why so many Americans have made the National Football League (NFL) the king when it comes to the most watched professional sports league in the United States. And it is no coincidence that it continually is rated the favorite of sports fans in poll after poll. Additionally, the NFL also has bragging rights when it comes to yearly revenue, expected to be about $8 billion for the 2008 season as compared to Major League Baseball’s nearly $7 billion annually.


And there is perhaps no better time to remember those who made it possible for the NFL’s owners and players today to be able to revel in its continued success, by virtue of the players who helped to build the league.


For the past couple of years, it has become public knowledge that a select group of retired NFL players have been struggling physically and economically since putting their playing days behind them. It is a serious matter, covering a complex and vast number of interrelated issues, rife with conflicts of interest.