Oakland A's

Our Plea…..

Dear Sports Gods,

I did everything right.  Everything.  After my beloved A’s swept Minnesota, I held off on calling my friend Max and taunting him about it.  Before the ALCS, I never once mentioned advancing to the World Series.  Like Gene Hackman in “Hoosiers” my response was always that we will not be concerned about the next step until we climb the one in front of us.  Heck, instead of poking fun at Yankee fans for losing to Detroit…..I took the approach of putting my arm around them and providing encouragement.  I heard the words, “don’t worry Steinbrenner will get you some pitching next year” come out of my mouth.  It’s not just that though.  I did other stuff to help the A’s pull through in this series.  Instead of pretending to read my newspaper and ignoring an old lady on the train, I got up and gave her my seat.  Five times I was the last person to exit a crowded elevator.  I do not understand why you are doing this to us, but it is just inhumane at this point.

MLB General

Do It For Us Jason……

by Trevor Freeman

Mike:  Are you calling to rub it in?

Trevor:  No, I’m calling because I want you to step it up.  I want Jason Giambi in the Oakland Coliseum next week.  Please beat the Tigers.  Do it for me.  Do it because all I want is for your Yankees to come to our house.

Mike:  Screw you!!  After we beat these Tigers, we’re going to kick you’re A’s a$$ too!!

Trevor:  Don’t sing it…………bring it……..

Oakland A's

I’m A Bud Man and an A’s Fan

By Trevor Freeman

There are certain truths that are engrained in the minds of the Bay Area sports fan.  They range from knowing that the Golden State Warriors will suck year in and year out to knowing that Ray Ratto is unstoppable at Sizzler’s $9.99 “All You Can Eat” buffet.  When it comes to Oakland A’s baseball there is an undeniable truth and it will hold up again this year.  After the All-Star break, Oakland will get hot and runaway with the American League West.