Shocker: Unsportsmanlike Conduct at 30th Olympiad

By Diane M. Grassi

The entire world is watching, and given the attention that the global media has recently dedicated to unethical behavior of certain Olympic athletes, sports fans could mistake it for a newly introduced Olympic sport of its own, during these 2012 London Summer Games.


NBC sets new low at Wimbledon

NBC did it, again. Congrats, I did not think it was possible.

After providing terrible coverage of Roland Garros, NBC had to one-up itself at Wimbledon.

Sure, I’ll cut NBC some slack for airing matches on tape delay while equally important matches were going on live; I’m used to that by now. If I want to watch something live, that is what is for, right?

But what I won’t cut NBC any slack for is its disrespectful coverage of doubles.