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A Phillies Fan- Hands it to Holliday!

If you had the distinct un-pleasure of being down at Citizens Bank Park for the only two Phillies home playoff games in the last 14 years, then you got to witness the superb play of perhaps the quietest MVP candidate of all time. Matt Holliday.

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Taylor- Not Merriman- Is Sending The Wrong Message

I’ve heard a lot of things recently about the NFL defensive MVP.

What kind of message are you sending to kids by giving a steroid user the MVP?

Ahh yes.. but you aren’t sending the wrong message when a guy like Shawne Merriman wins the award. You might even be sending the right one.

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Why Drew Brees Is NOT The NFL MVP

Drew Brees has a fair shot at being this year’s league MVP.  How good would the Chargers be without L.T.?  Pretty good.  How good would the Saints be without Drew Brees?  Horrible.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
Both teams would be bad.  Very bad.

Note: Not a direct response to this article, but it definitely does pertain to it.

New York Yankees

Dear A-Rod

Dear A-Rod,

I am sure you are already well aware, but the frustration level of your performance on the baseball diamond has reached an all time high. I am not here to remind you yet again of your 0-10 performance the last two games in Anaheim, which includes seven strikeouts. Instead, please think of this as a simple form of motivation.