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If I Were…

On the heels of the NBA Draft Lottery, teams are probably starting to rack their brains out trying to position themselves to make the most out of their selections. Fortunately, a know-it-all-like myself has never had a problem giving my two cents on what each lottery team should – or should not – do when the draft night rolls along.

These picks, however, are chosen without consideration to any potential trades. If any trade happens with at least one of these 14 teams, then all bets are off.

So without further ado, here’s my take on what each team’s General Manager should do to strike gold in the draft.


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Making Sense of the Mock Drafts

With so many people making their own mock drafts this year, I felt it might be more worthwhile to make a comparison of different versions including some bloggers and paid journalists.

I started by making a Google search and the first hits were actually bloggers followed by some acknowledged NFL journalists from different media sources. Although the results might be affected by the timing of the actual updates, I have tried to keep this in mind in my analysis and have included the last update in the table.

The problem with making a mock draft is that many times the picks are traded away and the teams that take over the slot might have different needs. This can completely change the whole draft order. Almost all those making their selections seemed concerned with this and it means any guessing has to be taken with a grain of salt.

With all this in mind, the following is my analysis of the coming draft based on the input of 6 different mocks prepared during the month of February. It will be possible for a player to be a consensus pick more than once.