NBA New York Knicks

File Review

By: Maurice K Dixon

By just glancing through this file, three numbers stand out: 61, 52 and 55.

Sorry but these aren’t approximate win totals from three of Mike D’Antoni’s four successful seasons in Phoenix. Nor are they attached to an Al Harrington offensive outburst, David Lee’s double-double total or a rough count of verbal altercations Nate Robinson has been involved in this season.

Unfortunately, for New Yorkers, none of these numbers are tied to the New York Knicks’ win column for the previous three seasons or this past regular season.

Phoenix Suns

Steve Kerr’s Unnecessary Gamble

If Steve Kerr wants to reap the fruits of his highly controversial trade for Shaquille O’Neal, letting go of Mike D’Antoni is a move he should not, under any circumstances, make.