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Lebron Jordan

Now that the world is back to spinning on it’s axis and Lebron James is slowly coming down off his high from getting to the Finals, we can clarify some things. First and foremost, Lebron James is STILL not Michael Jordan. He’s not even Kobe Bryant. Granted, what he did against Detroit and throughout the playoffs was unbelievable, and downright special, but it wasn’t Michael. It was, well, what we expected. You cannot bring this much hype to the table as the so-called “face of the NBA” and not win some playoffs series or get to the final series. And yes, Kevin Garnett, that means up until now your career and all of it’s accomplishments mean nothing. But really, to take that next step, Lebron needs to win the whole thing. Not next year. Not in three years. This year. The difference between Jordan or Kobe and James? Not that James has never won a title, more, the other two guys never lost one.

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Surprised Why Athletes Do Stupid Things?

On your current sporting calendar, you won’t see a championship event in any of the big three (sorry, Hockey, but you’ve got to earn your spot back).

As the pages of the calendar year turn and we build toward the preclusion to the World Series, the kickoff of the world’s greatest game, the basketball World Championship and Tiger’s world domination, I want to talk about reasons.

The reasons why athletes do things.

Stupid, ridiculous “can-you-believe-he-did-that” things.

Especially lately, giving me the feeling that the world’s just a crazy, mixed-up place. And that most of the athletes listed below have been listening to Brad Paisely’s “Celebrity” on loop.