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Take a Seat on the Bus

True story: Early fall of 1990, I was anxiously awaiting for my very first day of Kindergarten. My mom had picked out my clothes the night before; nothing too catchy, just a conservative yellow polo complemented by plaid shorts that barely reached my mid thigh. My blue and white Velcro shoes were strapped up tight and I was ready to go. I have had all summer to practice the ABC’s, touch up on my artwork, and re-read the ever so challenging rules of kickball. My dad took dozens of pictures of me and I stood there smiling, completely oblivious, not knowing that these photos would come back to haunt me at numerous family reunions and neighborhood get-togethers. My book bag was zipped up and I skipped outside and waited for the big yellow bus to come pick me up and take me to school. And I waited. And I waited some more. Nothing.  I sat down to wait a little longer. Still nothing. It was my first day of school, and my bus had forgotten to pick me up.

By now, most of you are wondering why I am telling this story. For one, it’s damn sad and may increase my chances of getting sympathy from numerous amounts of females. But this is not my main objective. My goal is to explain the similarity between my first day of school, with the first few weeks of the regular season for teams like the Rams, Bengals, Browns, Chiefs and Lions.