New York Yankees

Debris: The remants of the ’07 Yanks

By Billy Fellin

The 2007 Yankees season is in the books after the disappointing loss in the ALDS against the Indians. To keep the book analogy going, we may have seen the final chapter in the saga that has been the Yankees under Joe Torre, if George Steinbrenner’s comments hold true that is. There are many questions to be asked when it comes to where the Yankees go from here.

Toronto Blue Jays

Too Good For Your Team?

It was just past 11:10 PM EST last night when I was watching Sportscenter, resting after four days and five games of hell (I am a Yankees fan, but those four days were still hell regardless). Given the opportunity, I was tempted not to even stay up for the eleven o’clock Sportscenter, but just listening to Tony Kornheiser was enough to keep me awake longer than expected. And it’s a good thing I did because I have a message I’d like to send to Toronto Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons: I love you big man.