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The Best Point Guard Behind Nash

There are many great point guards in the NBA, but Steve Nash is probably the consensus number one point guard. The real question concerning the top point guards is who is number two? There are many great guards in the league today but one of them is better than the others.

New Jersey Nets

Point Taken

I’ve always had an affinity for the point guard position. More than any other position in basketball, I love how they can affect the outcome of a basketball game. Depends on who you ask, but more often than not, point guards have the ability to change the course of a game to their teams favor.

Yes, I still believe that “height equals might” in basketball, albeit with a little reservation. While it’s always convenient to have a low post presence on the offensive side of the ball and a “patrolman” on the defensive side, centers don’t have many responsibilities apart from scoring down low, guarding the rim, and getting rebounds.