Philadelphia Phillies

Friday Free for All: Philly frustration

Back in August, I started the Friday Free For All to get back into writing feature length columns, but like smart Charlie Manuel managerial moves, they were few and far between. But I’m ready to make a comeback. (Yes, folks, you are witnessing the most unasked for comeback since Winger released Headed for a Heartbreak.) So here it is, the first Friday Free for All of 2007, equal parts sports, angst, and anti-starfucking.

Philadelphia Eagles

Friday Free For All: "Invincible" movie review

As a service for the Sportscolumn community, I went to the 11:30 AM showing of Invincible today. Who am I kidding, if I wasn’t going to write a review for SC, I’d have seen the 2:30 showing anyway. As an Eagles fan, I am obligated to see the movie. What’s the population of the Delaware Valley? 6 million people? Multiply by $9… Invincible is guaranteed to bring in at least $50M just from the Philly area alone.

NFL General

Friday Free For All

You know, a long time ago, before the blog and site development sucked up all my time, I used to write about 3 columns a week here on SC. Only about one and a half of them were any good. Still, that’s a better batting average than Peter King, who manages to suck (mostly Tom Brady) in every single column. Ever since Trevor came out with his sports medley column, I’ve been meaning to wrestle the title of “Most Random Writer” back from him. So here it is folks, the inaugural Friday Free For All.