Random Thoughts

A Sports Medley…..

by Trevor Freeman

Ever since March Madness ended, we as a sports nation have been in a funk. It was a long couple of weeks, but we are snapping out of it in a big way with the NFL Draft on the horizon and the NBA playoffs heating up. Baseball is in full swing. I know I am pretty pumped that my Athletics have gotten out of the gate at 10-9 (generally my A’s like to start 2-17 and 11 games out of first). With all this going on, I sat down and tried to compose an article on a number of topics. However, I once again ran into a brick wall at every turn. Yes, writer’s block was affecting me and there was only one way to snap out of. Without further ado, here is our fourth “Sports Medley”.


English Premier League 2006-07

It is time for a football preview! Ok, so the American version doesn’t come for another 2 weeks or so, but this is the European version. As I vowed after the World Cup, my columns will continue to cover soccer. This is the first article covering the English Premier League.